Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Kids: Same but Different

Both loves to swim.

Both likes noodles.

Both enjoys sipping soups.

Both are sweet and loving.

Both enjoys playtime with Papa Taniel.

She likes to write.
He likes to sing.

She likes sweets.
He likes salty.

She's reserve.
He's carefree.

She can wait.
He is impatient.

She's the peacemaker.
He's in for a battle.

She pays attention (though had to remind her twice or thrice :D).
He ignores me (unless I'll do the spanking).

She easily gets hurt, yet easily pleased.
He seems numb but takes time to console when hurt.
Do I freak out? Maybe? 
She is 8 yrs old; 
He is 2 yrs old;
Way too early to compare? 
Will they change? 
For better? 
For worse? 
Hhmmn... I think we, as parents play a big role on it.
Even if the nurturing is the same, there will always be that something that makes every child different. 
Surely, we will embrace their individuality. For now, let them enjoy the kid in them.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

{Only in Pinas} When commuting gets tough

Here in Cebu, jeepney is commonly used public utility vehicle. It is cheaper than taxi. There are buses, but only used for long distance travel. Sadly, we don't have train. Habal2x (motorcycle for hire) is highly not recommended since Pinoy drivers are (not all but outnumbered by) reckless.
So for commuters like me, jeepney is okey for my 10km ride to the office.

Though its a cheap ride, I still expect to be comfy. To at least still feel sane as I arrived in the office. But seems like commuters here are treated inhumanely. I don't know with other routes but riding a Consolacion-route wide jeepneys is tough and upsetting. 
What's worse, seems like everyone accepts to be treated this way.

Look at this chair. 
Two people had to occupy on this and will pay the same fare as the one sitting on the bench.
See our knees too close to those sitting in the middle.
Sad! Only in the Philippines!!!
Wake up LTFRB-7!

Note: This is based on personal experience.

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