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Jiggy turns 3

September first is one of the special day for our family. This year for this month, our youngest turns three. He is a preschooler now and has grown to be a sweet and mischievous little boy (according to Ate Honey :D). He said he's no longer a baby and wants us to call him "Kuya".
He loves to tells stories and even more enthusiastic to tell how his day was spent. Even though we hardly understand all of the words he says but hearing a two or three correctly pronounced words is already rewarding.
He loves to watch tv commercial and cartoon shows (we still need to work on controlling our kids screen time though). More interested in cars, airplanes, helicopters, and ships. Our master builder in the making as he wants to build cars and helicopters from his mega blocks. What fascinates him the most is the red Lightning McQueen car.
He answers back when reprimanded (we need to work on this) and still has tantrums when his wants are not granted (a work in progress for us on how to dis…

An Invitation to Del-Monte Kitchenomics 30th Celebration

My parents and siblings are great cook and because of this innate skill, they were able to put up a small eatery for a living.

My husband is the "chef" of the house, he can make authentic dishes out of the ingredients available in our pantry.

Me? I'm not great and I still have a long way to take to be called a "chef" of our home.
But I so loooovve to cook!
You can call me "by-the-book" cook. :D
I only have the confidence that my dish is yummy when ingredients and procedures written in the recipe is being followed. Good thing I collect and keep recipes for they are my great helper and Yes! "Del-Monte Kitchenomics" recipe are one of my crib sheets. 
That's why when I received an event invitation from Del Monte Kitchenomics, I immediately gave my affirmation. For over 30 years, Del Monte Kitchenomics has been helping moms and cooks. Giving a wide variety of dishes that suits someone's time and budget. Who wouldn't want to include Del Mont…