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Hello Kitty Cake for the second time

When I made the Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes for my friend (see here), my daughter, seeing the first creation, love it so much that she wants to have one for her birthday. 
And so I tried the second time using the chocolate cake recipe from my friend Jimmy and still get frosting inspiration from Michelle of i-heart-baking.
My chocolate cake was nicely done :) and yep I have to deal again with the cream cheese frosting. Googled for recipe, looking for something like maybe a pipeable one yet they all says the same -- like a cream cheese, a butter, a vanilla and a confectioner sugar makes up a good cream cheese frosting.  But doing it still gives me the same output -- a runny frosting! - must be the mixer huh?  - or the weather?  - or for reasons I still don't know :(  I need to put them back in the fridge for sometime so I could pipe the the face using the star tip. But when the frosting didn't held up in the sides, I used stick wafers instead.  Found out that the combination doesn'…

Pura d’or Shampoo Giveaway

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Thoughts on CS during April 2015's Cesarean Awareness Month

My first child was delivered through CS, view story here :). I was induced 2 times and in labor for ~24 hrs that exhausted my strength yet still failed to progress. For my second child, in the hope for a normal delivery, I practiced my breathing exercises, climb stairs, had long walks and my OB even forced a dilation but no labor. My OB called it CPD. It means my babies failed to go down because my pelvis are not cooperating. 
I am thankful for there is such a thing as CS.

CS stands for Cesarean Section. 
According to, a cesarean section is a surgical operation in which a baby is delivered through a cut in the front wall of the abdomen and womb. This procedure is often used when a vaginal birth carries a higher risk of complications.

My younger sister had an emergency cut due to non-reassuring fetal heart rate. Her baby Elle's heart rate slow down due to cord coiled. 

My brother-in-law's wife had placenta previa, wherein the placenta is lying low covering the cer…

Babypalooza Bazaar 2015

Gear up and join the fun for this year's Babypalooza Bazaar  on April 25, 2015  at Walter Hogan Center, Ateneo, Q.C.
Babypalooza brings back sellers with pre-loved and brand new products and gear for babies, young kids and pregnant moms
And here's more, guests can also look forward to freebies upon registration such as Huggies diapers, Celesty Shinagawa products, Guard Insect Repellant and Lactacyd Toddler Tubs but these while supplies last :) So the earlier the better :) More information on their: - Website at - Facebook Page at
You can pre-register here or at their FB Page at
Here's a sneak peak of what's store for us:
So many perks right?!  Tara Let's Mommies! See you there!

​Last Week of Lent​ 2015

We didn't go hometown for reasons. No plans for out of town either. La familia just stay home​ for a chance to:
For a working mom like me who works 9.6 hrs in a day for 5 days a week, lent season being a holiday here in Philippines is a big opportunity​ for me to loosen my grip from office tasks and deadlines. Spending time at home with kids is a sure way to relax.  Ohh, just forget the mess they create, thats the fun part! :)

A chance for me to look back past. Having to watched the movie Ten Commandments again made me realize how amazing God's love for His people and how people (even from earlier years) tend to forget God's goodness in times of difficulty and instead whine. I am reminded to pray God and ask for His comfort instead of worrying and complaining.
In remembrance to Jesus' suffering, we abstain from eating favorite meals and instead eat binignit (rice porridge with crops and fruits and coconut milk) and everyone help in making it. T…