Saturday, June 27, 2015

I am my papa's daughter

I remember him bringing home that big burger treat from his company' event. He could have eaten it while at the hotel right after being served, instead brought it home to be shared by 6 siblings, he prefer his offsprings enjoy that treat.
Yet even bringing his breakfast to his work seems like a heavy chore. We even argue on whose turn to bring.

I remember him fresh from bath after a day's work but decided to go back to the plant for an extended work since a workmate came informing that their supervisor requested him to fix the broken bottling line. He chose to work since it an additional compensation and can help the family.
Yet even his simple errand for us takes a lot of whining and complains.

I remember him cleaning my wounds. He cleaned those wounds (I got from playing with friends) very well, so well that it healed within a week. But the pain I got from him cleaning my wounds remain, mad instead of being grateful.
Yet even looking for that liniment oil he requested (he'll use to rubbed on his back to ease those backpain) takes longer to do.

I remember going home late that I had to request my classmate K to accompany me in going home and to avoid being reprimanded. We went to her house for a fiesta celebration and for fear of not being permitted to go, I did not ask permission from papa Pepe. I was so scolded, he even told me to beat me and my classmates.
I didn't see his concern, instead I saw him being a spoiler to our fun.
I never been a good daughter, yet even at my worst and crappy self, nothing beats the love my papa give for me, for us. 
He never gets tired working 7 days a week just to send six kids to school. 
Never gets tired consoling us when we get hurt. 
Never gets tired reprimanding us for our faults and despite all that, still accepts us 
(they don't have choices, eh!... :) ). 
Helps us get up when we stumbled, disciplines us to become good person.
I hurt him, he doesn't show it. 
I gave him a grumpy face, he give me his big wide grin.

I am his daughter and he's my Papa.
Happy Father's Day Pa! We love you through and through!

If this is the love we received from our Papa, Tatay, Daddy, how much more the love our Almighty Father give to of all, his children. 
Amazing Grace isn't it?

Happy Father's Month!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Back to School

Summer is over in this side of the world.
And once again its back to school for us and yep, we are on our second week.

Our young girl is now into her intermediate years (she's now a fourth grader) while the little boy is officially a preschooler. Still trying to complete back-to-school checklist. Still on adjustment stage from financial to physical and emotional aspect, two students means twice the expense of tuition fees, books, uniforms, car pool, school materials, twice the study session, twice the activities and twice the fun and twice the craziness!...the list goes on!
Another big change this school year is that our fourth grader will now have a full day schedule while the preschooler is on an early morning schedule. Waking up earlier than the usual is also new for us since we were used to afternoon classes. This means new bedtime and work schedule adjustment which makes me appreciate our work's flexi-time scheme, fitting for working parents :)
Last week was madness, waking up so early to prepare for our breakfast and kid's snacks and then there's constant nagging to our slow-eater and picky-eater plus them taking a bath and dressing for school uniform seems takes longer. Oh well, its first week, right?
School is back! 

How about you? How was your first week of school?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Work Appreciation Day

Public school teachers can bring their kids to school and the school doesn't mind.
Government officers can also bring their kids to their office and not a big deal at all.
But for private companies (based on experience), bringing kids at work is a big NO, because kids, as they thought, can make employees out of focus at work and could hinder productivity. This reason could be justifiable, but what if yaya is not available? thus, a common dilemma of working moms and if no other option would resort to taking a day-off since... yeah, right! kids are not allowed at work! 

Every morning, we had those cute bickering with our 3yr-old explaining why mama or papa needs to work and why we can't bring him with us at work.  I don't mind having those small talks and arguments, I find it cute. At times its a struggle, at some times he easily gives in (especially if there's a buy-off like "mama needs to work so we can buy your milk or pay your school tuition or buy your cars! or firetruck! or helicopters!")

Fortunately, one sunny Thursday afternoon of May, my kids were allowed to see me at my workplace. Isn't that amazing? Yes for me and I'm thankful that the organization had this type of activity.

For whole afternoon (my half-day), my kids were able:
- to enter the company premise (accompanied by me);
- gladly received by Jollibee (thru short program at the cafeteria) and see Jollibee dance;
- enjoyed the given food treats;
- visited our different laboratories;
- get to hold and operate a printer;
- had hands-on training;
- played and socialized with my teammates and their kids; at my workplace.
I'm glad we had this activity. I could see the delight in my kiddos faces.
We're making memories right! and I do hope they would still remember this someday.

Oh now I remember getting into my Papa's workplace too! Long ago! Remembering those big machines (he's a plant mechanic) and how proud I am to know that the operation will not resume unless it is fixed / repaired by him. Surely seeing your parents work has a big influence.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sun Life Wealth and Health Expo for Free

Want to be financially smart?

Attend a WEALTH & HEALTH EXPO for FREE at SMX MOA this coming JUNE 20, 2015.
This financial literary is organized by Sun Life Philippines, in partnership with Manila WorkshopsA chance for young couples and professionals to learn about how to have a brighter life through proper handling of their wealth and health status.
Rikka Redrico of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, will also be part of the of the program. She will be guiding the participants on how to create a vision board that can be used for a successful future. What is even more exciting is that Sun Life Philippines will be giving away special prizes for those who'll share their vision boards.

Admission is FREE. Register at

This Wealth & Health Expo will be hosted by RJ Ledesma.
Talks in morning sessions that aims to inspire young couples include:
While talks in afternoon sessions that aims to encourage the millennials include:
Its time for a brighter life. Be smart, be financially smart! Join na! :D

Friday, June 5, 2015

#roadtrip to Cebu South: Moalboal (Part 3)

Third Stop: Snorkeling at Moalboal, Cebu

We depart from Kawasan Falls at ~ 4pm and make our way to -> Moalboal, our last stop for this #roadtrip. :)
It was a long day and we needed a nice comfortable place for a good night sleep, so off to Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal Garden. Previous post about the resort here and here.
Tip: Call in advance for reservation since this resort is always fully-booked

Had a stopover at the Moalboal's market and bought some fish, chicken and spices as we planned to request the resort to cook for us (we are way too tired to prepare our dinner). As soon as we arrived at the resort and settled with our respective room, had to freshen up and bathe the kids. Then, a bit of relaxing moment at the living room while listening to Ross play his digital bagpipe. Too bad I haven't been able to take a picture of us even at the place where we chat and drink (men only) the ever famous Red Horse beer before we call it a night.

The following day, after breakfast, we were set to go swimming with the sardines and turtles. We rented a boat to guide us to the sardines and turtles at P2500. The wonders of Moalboal is underneath the sea so, yep, better bring with you your snorkeling gear and camera. Sea corals are everywhere, some gently sways to where the current may bring them flexible like a bamboo trees with the winds and those huge school of sardines, never get bored looking at them, amazed at how simply synchronize they are as they change direction. Plus I get to see "Dory" and her family and little Nemos too. There are turtles too but just too elusive.
Captivated by the beauty of Moalboal's underwater scene that we lost track of time. Went back to the resort for lunch (we avail their P395.00 buffet lunch and its so sulit (worth it)!
It was a tiring 2-day adventure but one of the best thing this weekend was that you get to spend it with these lovely people. So little time, yet so worthwhile. I hope everyone had a great time. And yes I would love to do this again.

Van Rental for 2 days = P7000.00 (Plus tip)
from Cebu City -> Oslob -> Badian -> Moalboal -> Cebu City
Contact Number: 0917-321-1470 / (032)254-0763

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#roadtrip to Cebu South: Badian (Part 2)

Second Stop: Kawasan Falls at Badian, Cebu

From Oslob, we continue our #roadtrip and headed to our next destination -> Kawasan Falls, Badian.
Oslob to Badian via Samboan is around 2-3 hrs ride. Don't worry, you'll never get bored since the scenery is nice. We made a short stop at Samboan's little roundabout, which is beside the town's municipal hall. Made a short stop and some took pictures of the town's old church and lighthouse and see the view Dumaguete Island.

I'm not sure which town of Badian we stopped, however I'm definitely assured it's the entry point towards Kawasan Falls as indicated in the signage :). The entry point's landmark is Badian's Church were lots of vehicles and motorcycles parked. 
There are two options in getting to the falls;
     - take a ride on the motorcycle at P50.00 per person;
     - walk;
We chose the second option. Walking in group gives a chance for small talks and since the trail is beside the river, you get to see the river's beauty, its crystal clear waters, freshwater fishes, some abandoned bridges and trees. Be careful from falling since there are no safety fences along the riverside. You get to pass a short bridge with no railings too. Also, motorcycles passed from time to time so better stay at the safer side of the trail especially if you have kids with you.

Entrance fee:
     - P20.00 for local tourists
     - P40.00 for foreign tourists
The last time I'm here, I remembered not paying any entrance fee, however we came from the mountains of Mantalungon, from our Osmena Peak trek.

Kawasan Falls consist of 3 layers waterfalls. We just stayed at the first falls. Climbing to the second and third falls is a bit challenging especially if you bringing younger kids. The spring's water is so cold, even with just a dip of my feet already gives me shivers, while Ange like it so much she thought its refreshing, much better than the seawater or swimming pool's water. Some of the group went to look the next waterfalls. It still has its beautiful cold aquamarine blue spring water yet lesser crowd. 

The waterfalls and its water is already a treat yet everything else is sooo expensive.
     - P300.00 for tables and cottages rentals
     - P300.00 if you want to get to the falls through the raft
     - P150.00 for life jackets rentals
     - Even a P6.00 Sakto Coke is priced at P40.00!

So in case you want to Kawasan Falls, remember:
  • Swimming is free.
  • Bring food and water with you.
  • Come in weekdays to avoid the crowd.

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