Monday, August 31, 2015

Luwag Native Seafood Grill: Bonding over Sumptuous Feast

Pinoys love food and eating together is one way to bond may it be on special occasions or not as long as there is an excuse for celebrate. 

And as much as Pinoys embraced a wide range of dishes, local or international dishes, nothing beats Pinoy's love for local cuisine. No wonder why the newly opened Luwag Native Seafood Grill Restaurant have these Pinoy dishes with their menu and with added twist, it surely is a good reason to bond over with family and/or friends.

Luwag Native Seafood Grill Restaurant, which had a soft opening last June 28, 2015, is a collaboration between Chef Romel Pia and Leonhardt Cabahug. Chef Romel developed his passion for cooking from his Lola Pascuala while Leonhardt whose a now a successful businessman is VGood Malunggay Juice's top honcho. Because both have passion and interest in food industry, a concept born out of their creations while keeping up the tradition of being a Filipino thus, Luwag Native Seafood Grill was realized.
Luwag is a wooden ladle made from a coconut shell and bamboo commonly used in provinces. From the name, this restaurant offers a variety of local dishes. Moreover, being a true-blooded Cebuano, owners assures its guests of a trip down memory lane where Visayans can reminisce the good old days from the comfortable place to their sumptuous food. 
I personally remember fiesta :) Why?
From the looks of their mouth-watering dishes, you will surely be tempted to visit their place and eat.
Ensaladang Ampalaya (@P69)
Lechon Sisig (@P169)
Spicy Chicken Wings (@P129)
Sinuglaw (@P228)
Seafood Courses:
Gitono-ang Lambay (@P168)
Shrimp with Garlic (@P219)
Seafood Rice (@138)
Pork Courses:
Binago-ongang Baboy (@P198)
Crispy Pata (@P398)
Pancit Guisado (@P179)
Kinason sa Butong (@P139)
Budbod Ala Mode (@P98)
Otap Mango Float (@P98)
Drinks for health conscious guests:
Cucumber Lime Cooler (@P58)
Lemon Grass Cooler (@P98)
Luwag is located at ground floor of Gaisano Mactan Island Mall 2, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu with an area of 60 square meters than can accommodate 70 persons. Contact them at 0916-601-1995 or 0925-505-5894.
Luwag as displayed in the restaurant's chandeliers is a magical wand in disguise used by our moms to serve us good food and suddenly this Luwag turned itself into a place to answer your cravings. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sophie Paris Fashion and Beauty Caravan 2015: Visits Cebu

Sophie Paris is now becoming a household name in this city when they had their Fashion and Beauty Caravan at SM Cebu City Trade Hall last Aug 15, 2015. The caravan's theme is Powerfully Pinoy which reflects this month's catalog of empowering Filipinos to rise on top. 
They showcased their products which includes bags, wallets, garments, shoes, make-up and perfumes. Also, through the caravan, Sophie Paris ables to invite Filipino consumers who are looking for additional income to be successful and achieve their goals since members can start their business with Sophie Paris and earn money instantly with lifetime 30% discount for shopping products featured in the catalog plus 2%-5% extra rebates.
For only P200, you can be a member and avail the membership's starter kit which includes:
- New Catalog
- Manual and Quick Guide
- Banner
(For those who participated in the Cebu leg, they where able to received a Sophie Paris pink monopod too :)
You can't say no to their products as it provides latest trends in fashion at an affordable price. I personally love their garments too for its unique style and soft texture and this yellow-themed wallet and bag in terno :)
During their stop-over in Cebu, Daniel Hahn, the Sophie Paris Managing Director graced the event. He narrates how Bruno Hasson, the French entrepreneur, started from home-based business and has grown into Jakarta's largest fashion direct selling company today. For Philippines, it now has 140 Business Centers nationwide. Hahn said that he believed Sophie will excel because of its ability to launch new products every month and since stocks are limited, you have a higher chance of getting a unique design.
Sophie Paris is a well-recognized member of Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and with competitive products, a solid marketing plan and an efficient sales and marketing tools, Sophie Paris will surely have a long way to go.

Visit their site at

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bon Odori Festival 2105 (in Cebu)

First of all, thank you to Cebu Republic for posting about Bon Odori 2015 in FB, we would not have known that there is this such a festivity here in Cebu if I have not found and read this. Dumo Arigatou :)
The event was scheduled on a Friday and Saturday.
Saturdays for us means no work for me and hubby and no class for kiddos, so I invited them. This means quality time and fun fun fun. I thought it would be an opportunity to de-stress the kids from school's work. Lately, they have been very busy that my 9-yr-old being in a full day school work is always exhausted and the 3-yr-old already complains that his fingers are also tired from writing.
AIso, I love Japan. Its not love at first sight though but for my 2-month stay there, I have grown to love it. Must be the people, the culture, the food, the place... for whatever reason I am just so fascinated with Japan.

So instead of our usual weekend activity, they agreed to go and witness the Bon Odori Festival 2015 at Family Park, Talamban, Cebu last August 8, 2015.

According to
"Bon Odori is a traditional summer festival in which Japanese honer their ancestors who have passed on, remember and appreciate all they have done for them, and celebrate their ongoing presence in the lives they enjoy today."
Bringing the festivity here in Cebu sounds is a good idea. Knowing there are a lot of Japanese expats living in the city, having this event makes them closer to home. As for us (especially me), it is a chance for me to see girls in Traditional Japanese (Kimono or Yukata) dresses, a chance for me to eat authentic Japanese dishes cook by none other than a Japanese, a chance to watch Karate exhibitions and be awed with the Japanese decorations, drums, lanterns, anime books and toys. As what Cebu Republic said, "Bon Odori Festival here in Cebu is indeed a venue for cultural exchange" and I personally like the idea.
Too bad we were not able to stay long and witness the dance and the fireworks. 
But we will definitely join this festival again next year, hopefully :)

Thank you Philippine-Japan Exchange Committee for this wonderful event.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kickstarter Alert: "Evolutionary Tales" for Children

Evolutionary Tales is an educational children's book written by Matt Cubberly with pictures illustrated by May Villani. The book is being launched through Kickstarter
The book is a compilation of 10 animal's story being told through poems. With the illustrations that blends well, this surely grab the young reader's attention. 
Stories include creatures living in the land, sky and water which will amaze young minds and since this book also introduces the concept of evolution, this makes learning interesting and fun. 
Moreover, I love that Matt Cubberly being an evolutionary ecologist incorporate his learning in his books --- talk about animals, nature and evolution. This makes children appreciate the beauty of our environment and hopefully help conserve it if not take good care for the next generation to experience its beauty.

Evolutionary Tales will consist of 24-page full-color (9 x 8.25) softcover book and the funding (if successful) will be used for the initial print run of 1000 copies.

Please join and help every kid enjoy Evolutionary Tales.

For more details, please head on to Kickstarter now :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Staycation at Mövenpick Hotel Cebu

Last month, we had a chance to stay for a day at Mövenpick Hotel at Mactan Island Cebu. July is one of our favorite month as it is the month we tied the knot. And even if wedding anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated by couples we thought it would be merrier if it is to be celebrated with our kiddos.

We were greeted with this reception area of emerald blue and white theme. As we waited for our room to be available, we were offered with welcome goodies (a soft moist brownies), however for the welcome drinks, it seems like they are selective in whom to offer.

They only have one pool. It has different depth levels that can cater both children and adults. And those chairs are comfortable to sit in as you watch your kiddos play with water.
The room is clean and big enough for 2 adults and 2 young kids. The bed and pillows are soft to sleep in. They only have one chair. Nevertheless, I like the light blue theme, it makes the room cool and vibrant (or its just me being biased coz I love blue!)
A 32" TV is available, a phone, a Wifi, a cute lamp and a corner's space for additional furniture maybe :)
The view from our room's terrace. It was cloudy that day but that didn't stop us from enjoying our stay.
They have restaurant (Ibiza Beach Club) at the beach that offers a lot from food, wine and entertainment perfect for party people. The fun starts at night time.
The beachline is small and clean and serene, perfect for those who don't like chaos :)
Overall, it was a good experience:
- the kids enjoy their swimming adventure (though they like the pool most);
- the pillows and the bed is so comfy and soft that we had a good night sleep;
- and ohh! by the way...we love their breakfast buffet. It has a typical breakfast buffet menu, simple yet taste good (I haven't had a chance to take a photo though).
Indeed, it was a comfortable stay.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Simple Tips to Lessen Manic Mornings

Its been 8 weeks since school starts and we still have those stressful mornings, there is always that rush and that constant nagging. Thankfully though, not as super stressful as our first 2 weeks. 
Here's why:
Disclaimer --- this works for us. It may or may not work for other families :)

Kiddos must have 8-9hrs of sleep or more

Having them enough sleep prevents them from being cranky or irritable the following day.

Start the day from the night before

I mean prepare everything at night time. That means, kiddos must do their homework before they go to sleep while for us parents, that means: 
- checking their parent-teachers communications notebook and ensure everything has been read and signed; 
- checking if school uniforms are ready for tomorrow  
- ensuring meal plans for the following day is already been decided.

Ask help

For the first 2-weeks, me, feeling wonder-mom, thought of doing everything from preparing the meals for breakfast, snacks and lunch, giving bathe to my 3 year-old-son, eating with kids, preparing their packed snacks and lunch, dressing up the preschooler, etc., is easy. Well... I thought wrong,  I'm a not-so wonder-mom and so I asked help. Good thing the husband loves to cook, whew!

Nothing wrong to nag

From time to time there's the nagging thingy and the momentum is back at high speed again. Been nagged by my mom at times too as I took my bath, or slow to eat and I'd say it worked. So I guess there's nothing wrong with it (big big grin here)

Mornings maybe tough but seeing their faces when done ahead of carpool's arrival is sure #happiness. (We even had time to take photos...hehehe :D)

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