Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kickstarter Alert: Support Willowbrook Girls

Willowbrook Girls are dolls and story series that gives girls characters that they can see in themselves —> girls who are both ordinary and extraordinary, and who are becoming leaders in their own right. The characters are a group of seven friends in the fifth grade who are intelligent, goal-oriented, and outspoken. Each character has incredible ambition.
Willowbrook Girls promotes girl empowerment!

Meet the characters:

And check out their first doll created, Cara.

The dolls and the story are realized thru Neha Chauban Woodward. She is the Founder of Willowbrook Girls. Prior to Willowbrook Girls, she built her career in e-commerce, working at companies like Blue Apron, (Amazon), and DANNIJO. She started her career at JPMorgan. Neha has a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Neha named Willowbrook Girls after her elementary school, Public School 54, which was located on Willowbrook Road in New York. 
Please support Neha's advocacy in creating these doll as a way to empower little girls.

For more details, please head on to Kickstarter now :)

Visit Willowbrook Girls website here

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