Friday, April 6, 2012

A Milestone for Honey: Completing Preschool

In my country, school-year ends every third month of the year.
It is concluded  with a celebration (we call it Promotional Rites or Graduation Ceremony for graduates while Recognitions undergarduates) to acknowledge the hardwork and achievements of all the students for the past 10 months of schooling.
This year, the event is so special for us since our Honey had just completed her preschool years! 
Her preschool adventures:
2 yrs old - she attended YK school as a Playgroup
It might be noticeable that we exposed her to school at an early age - well, we thought it will improve her socialization skill. Playgroup classes is a 2 to 3-hr session where kids just play, sing and dance. Another consideration was that Honey and her nanny Nanay had nothing to do at home when we are at workplace. Being a Playgroup, she learns to reach out to other kids and no longer cries when approach by strangers.

3 yrs old - she transferred to NBCC as Nursery 2 pupil
Surprisingly she passed the assessment and can be enrolled as Nursery 2 level
We had doubts then if we are going to enroll her one year level advance but with the assumption that she might get bored considering that the Nursery 1 and Playgroup almost have same program, thus, we opt to push with our initial consideration. Learning to talk in front of large crowd was a big improvement then.

4 yrs old - still at NBCC as Kinder 1 pupil
Being a year younger from her peers, that doesn't hinder her from excelling in the class (She placed 2nd in over-all Kinder 1 standing).

5 yrs old - as Kinder 2 pupil
Still at NBCC since she already had this strong bond with her classmate and the school. Also, we grab the opportunity for having discounted school fees for students with High Honors (aside from the fact that the school has a lot to offer for preschoolers both on academic and extra-curricular activities). She's a good reader and loves to write in fact, she led the opening prayer of their Promotional Rites. She placed 3rd in over-all Kinder 2 standing.

That's my girl! Congrats my Honey!
Looking forward for her Primary year's adventures.

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