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#AttitudeGratitude: 30 Things I'm Grateful For

The Western World will be celebrating Thanksgiving next month. Isn't if fun if we celebrate it too? No! I'm not talking about the turkeys and the pumpkin pies, instead just a simple gestures of acknowledgement and being grateful for the blessing received.
Boring huh! 
Well, not for me. Channel of inspired me to list down 30 things I'm grateful for. I'm no famous person but for the chance to exist in this world is definitely worth it. Also this makes me notice that blessings are everywhere and it only takes a little of my time to stop, appreciate and be grateful with it.
Photo Credits to Jimmy L

30 Things I'm Grateful For

1. Parents 
They are not from a well-off family and raising 6 kids is one of the hardships they probably endure but they did it! I heard some relatives offer to raise one of us, thankfully they never given us up.

2. Siblings
Aside from knowing that household chores are divided among us, you can have someone you could put the blame to when something messed up at home! LOL :D Kidding aside, siblings support each other. They stand by each other no matter what. They are the first to respond whenever help calls for it. We may often fight over petty things but we patch things up easily and forget why we fought. En, Da, Eu, Jing, Gie --- I miss you much. Hoping for a get together soon.

3. Cousins
Teasing and bullying are not new to me, because it somehow train me to face and deal it. Hand-me-down clothes? I have lots of them thanks to my cousins. Wandered to other places? Overnight? This I could only do with cousins. Older cousins are also good influences too thus this give assurance to our parents that all is well when we are with cousins.

4. Neighbors 
Good neighbors watch each other's back. They are willing to help when there's problem. They give you yummy dishes even if there is no occasion. Watch over your kids when something urgent is needed to do. How's that?

5. Friends 
I don't have as many friends as others have yet I'm thankful for those who remember, those who asked if I'm still doing okay, those who loves to spend time with me, those who doesn't mind the comforts as long you have a lot of fun, those who not only stick through happy times but also through my sad times. You know who you are. Thanks.

6. COCS 
The school I attended during my primary years who molded me both in academics and in character.

7. MPSC 
Where I spend my high school and college days. Though not as prestigious as the other private colleges or universities in our place, I'd still say it still is one of the respected school back then. For P80 per semester, you have all the privileges every state college student enjoy. 

8. Teachers 
For their passion and dedication to instill knowledge and inspire to go through the difficulties.

9. Classmates
Those Bible verses are easier to memorize with you. Studying together, being punished together, climbing trees even in skirts, eating cacao beans at the back of the church, eating clover chips with ketchup, watching movies at someone's house --- I tell you these are precious memories. Classmates are willing to share snacks, notes, papers, pencils, crayons and even share secrets and gossips about crushes. Those were the days.

10. Hubby 
My friend, my enemy, my partner, my lover. Who, despite my flaws and abnormality, never gets tired loving me. You may not hear it often, I love you too and thank you.

11. Books
For knowledge, entertainment and develop one's creativity.

12. In-Laws
 Who is always on your side even if you are wrong... hahaha.

13. My Kids
Quite mischievous at times but I have to admit it I find it very amusing. I can't get enough of their tantrums, their kisses, their way of reasoning, their hugs, their loud cries, their cuddles, so while they still shower me with it might as well enjoy every bit of it.

14. CS Delivery 
Whoever discovers Ceasarean Section as another method of giving birth, I am truly thankful. Don't take me wrong, I have always consider normal delivery as my first option and I even waited for my delivery due date before opted for CS. I even tried induced labor but my pelvic bone just didn't want to cooperate. 

15. Work 
It help me and my family financially though we're aiming to go away from the rat race, we can't deny the fact that work is a blessing that really helps bring food to our table, give comfort at home, send kids to school, pay bills, help family in need. 

16. Nanny 
Being at work for more than 9hrs a day for 5 days a week is not fun but knowing that your kids are in the hands of those who will take good care of them as their own children is a big assurance.

17. 5 Senses 
Eyes to See. Ears to Hear. Nose to Smell. Tongue To Taste, Hands to Touch. Isn't it amazing being able to see and appreciate the beauty of God's creation? Or isn't it amazing being able to listen comfort words of loved ones? Or appreciate and distinguish bad and good smell? Or get to satisfy one's palate? Or touch or hug? Wonderful isn't it? 

18. Holidays 
Whole year of work and no play makes me dull :) I'm thankful there are rest days or Philippine holidays. Its a venue for de-stressing and spending time to those who matters most. It is the time to talk and listen, laugh on jokes, cook together or sleep together. 

19. Nephews and Nieces
They are cute and loud and funny and adorable just like my kids...hehehe

18. Oven and Baking Stuffs 
My happy pill!

19. Nature
Oh, what a beauty!

20. Natural Therapy
I'm thankful that there is a holistic option other than using synthetic medicines. Though I am not against these synthetic medicines (we take some) but I like the idea of using natural methods such as use herbs or foods or even exercise before resorting to chemicals or conventional medicine.

21. Internet 
Makes communication with family and friends easier.

22. Music
Soothing to my ears. Make me feel loved too!

23. Home
There is no place like home. Its our happy place. Home is where the heart is :D

24. Good Health
For keeping me in good shape and not a burden to my family.

25. Grandparents
My spoiler

26. Transport
Earth is the most beautiful planet ever created. Exploring its beauty is best and I am thankful for all modes of transportation that makes you safely go to one place or another.

27. Blog 
It has become my outlet at some point. It washes away loneliness and homesickness. It open a new door to meet new friends with their unique stories. 

28. Bloggers Community. 
For inspiring and sharing your knowledge through your beautiful and powerful words. Sharing your experiences about motherhood, food, travel, backpacking, technology and even fashion.

29. Jesus 
For His Love and Sacrifices so we can be save.

30. God
and His Grace. My creator.

How about you? What are you grateful for? 

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  1. I'm happy for you ^_^ It's always better to count our blessings and things we're thankful for than our problems. ~Pearliza Paguio

  2. We should start some sort of Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines noh? It's good to have just one day dedicated to gratitude. It doesn't have to mean anything big, just a day to encourage everyone to be grateful.

    1. I'm with you, way much better to celebrate than Halloween :)

  3. Lots of things to be grateful for! Family I believe is one of the greatest things that we should be thankful for. There may be a few nuts in the group, but they all contribute to who and what we are today. Like you, I'm trying to get away from the rat race but I totally am thankful for my job. :)

  4. This is such a feel-good post :) Sometimes we really need to remind ourselves that we are blessed. It's easy to take everything for granted in this fast-paced life, so sitting back and counting our gifts is a good exercise.

  5. This i s a great idea for a gift. I want to make one, too. :)

  6. I'm grateful for many things, God has really been faithful in my life. My children are living proof of that faithfulness. :)

    1. I think 30 is too few to count all the blessings, noh? :D

  7. Such a grateful heart... :-) Thanks for sharing! God bless!

  8. Great list! Thanksgiving should also be an event that we adapt here in the Philippines. We can do away with the turkey. Any simple celebration will do just to be thankful that we have lots to be thankful for. :)

  9. This is a beautiful exercise! I must do something like this din haha. I smiled at the one about CS. I had to undergo emergency CS and I couldn't imagine what would have happened if such operation didn't exist when I gave birth.

  10. This is an awesome list. When I take the time to list it all, it is an overwhelming amount of good things. I will comment back ­

  11. Your list is as good as mine! A grateful heart is always blessed. So always wear your thankful heart Mommy! :) God bless!

  12. We are also blessed in different ways and be always thankful and grateful what we have :-)

  13. I have a lot of blessings to be thankful for. Kulang ang space hehe It is so nice to read yours though.


  14. I was about to make the same entry for my 30th birthday this week. I agree, we have a lot of things to be grateful for. :)

  15. looks like a great list! your post makes me miss my #ThankfulThursday post, i hope I can find the time to do one today! and, yes, let us all keep a thankful + grateful attitude! :)

  16. There is really a lot of things we should be grateful for. I'm inspired to make my own list because of this.

  17. Yes, we have a lot of things to be very grateful for.


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