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Too hot in here

Been in our new apartment for two months now, yet still miss the old one - especially the free flowing air in every part of it.
Our previous apartment is of typical size enough for a couple with one child. Being located in the rear end of the second floor, we are privileged of having more windows - not just ordinary sized windows but super large french style windows. And because trees are everywhere, who would need an airconditioner during lunchtime and afternoon naps. For or new apartment, even if we still occupy the rear end of the second floor and even having trees in front of us, it still is hot in here!!!
We only have 3 windows (sigh!) one for the living room and one for each bedroom.
You may wonder why we transfer? Well, my Honey who is now opening a new chapter of her life will be entering to a new primary school which we believe is a best school for her. For her not to be stressed with the daily ride, we decided to transfer to an apartment which is closer to her new school campus.