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Coursera's "Just Cook" a Balanced Dinner

Welcome to Week 3 lesson of Maya Adam's Child Nutrition and Cooking, an online course offered by Coursera.

The discussion includes:
Preparing lunch for kiddos: 
According to Maya Adam, studies shows that visual exposure to fruits and vegetables increases children's willingness to consume them. Important point I got was that since kids tend to get hungry at school from any school activities, we need to take advantage of their hunger by putting good food in their lunches. The easier for them to eat their lunches, the better :D (You may want to slice the mango into serving slices than just put the whole mango in their lunchbox)

Preparing home-made chicken nuggets:
Another helpful tip from Maya Adam was that its better to prepare the food at home than to buy the processed food. She shared her version of home-made chicken nuggets. 

Shopping for vegetables:
Tag your kids along when you go for vegetable shopping.

Roasted vegetables:
Another option on how to cook and prepare vegetables.

Baking …

Coursera's "Just Cook" a Balance Breakfast

I recently joined the "Child Nutrition and Cooking" by Maya Adam, an online course offered by Coursera. The course tells that its best to go back to basics in cooking. Maya Adam encourages us to indulge more on home-cooked meals rather than processed foods or "from-the-box" foods.
I almost forgot this course, thus I was not able to complete Week 1 lessons on time. Here is the Week 1 & 2 lessons that I had to catch-up in Week 2.  Week 1 introduced us to the current problem regarding childhood obesity and possibility of preventing it by giving the children healthy foods. Cooking and preparing food at home using fresh ingredients was then introduced. According to Maya Adam, there are six main ingredients that should be available in a kitchen to create a healthy and tasty meal. These are: - olive oil (we used canola oil) - garlic - onion - salt - sugar - lemon (we don't usually use this so we have black pepper as our 6th ingredient :D) Cooking with eggs and vegetable sti…