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Chantelle's August Photo A Day Challenge

Want some challenge?
How about joining August Photo A Day Challenge by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim.
Come! Let's join the fun.
Details on how to join can be viewed here :D

Coursera's "Just Cook" a Balanced Dish

I want to apologize for the late post of the last two week lessons I had with Maya Adam's Child Nutrition and Cooking, an online course offered by Coursera. Anyways, here are the topics discussed.

Backyard Gardens
I love to have a vegetable garden. For 7 years here in Cebu, we were just renting our place and coincidentally second floors best suit us. With this, having a garden was not considered until Maya stressed out that even a small space is already enough to have a vegetable garden. Hhhmmn… I will try to keep that in my mind, Maya! She adds that the joy of letting children pick and eat what they grow is so worth it :D and this hits me, real hard. So I'm trying my best to have one and let my kids experience that feeling of euphoria...(so hoping soon).

Preferably vegetable soup! Vegetable soup's main ingredient are vegetables :D. The more variety of vegetables in it, the better. Kids are attracted to colorful dish. A small amount of meat or chicken is enough to add fl…