Sunday, November 29, 2015

When Baby Bath Time Is Made Easier

While pregnant we gear up ourselves with information of how-to’s and think that we have it all figured out but once the little one arrives, our world turns upside down.
One of the things we go frenzy with is the bath time, at first I was clueless (and I guess till now) on what to do but the good thing is, I have two great women who shared their best practice in bathing the little ones:

My Mom 
My mom uses layered towels on the table (to absorb the water) and a basin of lukewarm water on the side. The baby is laid on the towel and the bath time begins.

My Mom-in-law
Her one-hand method may sound complicated. For her, it’s easy as 123, baby on the one had - head on the palm and the rest of the body on the arm - while one free hand for the soap and water. 

Old methods maybe overwhelming but with new and old things combined we get a hassle-free making bath time a breeze for new moms. 

Baby Company, The Baby Specialist, offers a wide range of merchandise to match a newborn’s checklist --- from nursing,  feeding and weaning essentials, clothes, toys, diapers and toiletries, to furniture and carriers even educational media for the enhancement of the baby’s mental development. The good news is that it also offers a wide variety of baby bathing essentials suited to baby's age -- this includes bath tubs, bath racks, bath support, baby dippers, towels and toiletries. They even have toys to make bath time fun and enjoyable.
Photo Credits: Vanilla Housewife
More good news! Baby Company had just opened their newest branch at SM Seaside City Cebu!! With bigger place, more product options and staffs with good customer service, shopping for bathing needs would be so effortless for Cebu mommies.

For more details about Baby Company, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Vanilla Housewife and Pam of HeyMissAdventures for the invitation :)


  1. When it was my son's first bath, my mom did the towel on the table thing. But days after that, she was bathing my son in the bathroom, holding him in one hand! Haha ^-^ I was only able to bathe my son on my own when he was a month old I think and by then, I used a baby tub.

  2. I love shopping for baby needs and supplies. =) Everything is colorful and cute.
    For bathing, we've tried many styles, too. The last one that work was a tub in the bathroom. =)

  3. Ang galing naman, super cute... Sana meron din dito sa Manila nyan.

    1. Baby Company Malls are available at SM Aura, SM Cebu, SM Southmall and inside SM's Department stores :)

  4. Moms and kids these days are so lucky to have lots of choices! Back during my time it was all very limited.

  5. I love Baby Company, they have everything we need for our Jordana. And the Mom Card is so sulit, in two year's time, we already have more than 1000 peso points in it, we actually used the points already when we reached 1k.

  6. Oh they are all cute! :) I miss having a baby hehehe

  7. I love all those cool stuff to make bath time fun and easier for babies and parents. I got a tub with a net cushion as a gift before and it definitely made bath time for my baby easier. ~Pearliza Paguio

  8. Different types of tubs and other bath stuff were not yet available when I had a newborn. New mums are lucky!

  9. waaaah! Love all of it! Pero too small na for my tod! haha.

  10. With the many innovations nowadays, it's so much easier to care for a baby. :) Baby Company used to be my go-to place when I still my kids were still babies. :)

  11. With my first born, we actually went to a birthing for help the first time we had to bathe our son. LOL The midwife patiently showed us how to do it. Took some time before I became confident doing it on my own. With my daughter, I bought this bathing mesh from Baby Co. It made life easier! LOL

  12. Shopped almost all of my baby's needs in baby company too! They have everything that we needed.

  13. I remember being problematic when I can't find a bigger bathtub for my eldest. Now, ang dami ng choices to make bathtime easier for both moms and babies :)

  14. We only used the plain tubs with those 'swings' (I forgot the term) but only when the daughter was a few months old. It was super hard to bathe her when she was weeks old -- and you're doing it all on your own!

  15. I have two kids, 10 and 6. Once in a while, I miss having a baby. You know that 'scent' na pang baby lang? Na, yung buong bahay nio amoy baby. aah.. Your post just reminds of those times when my kids are still newborns. How time flies =,(

  16. whenever I need something for my baby, i also run to baby co for rescue, especially during the time when I was a first time mom

  17. These days magaganda na yun mga baby tubs na nabibili, nakaangat na un ulo ng baby.


  18. My favorite was the bath net. Yung parang naka duyan sa bath tub. :) I love the Baby Company and its products. :)

  19. Bathing is really essential for our baby; as it is the most difficult part for every parent. But still we perform good bathing techniques while following guidelines from experts; here in this article we can get some good collections of baby bathing and entertainment products which helps to perform good baby bath.
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