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Pregnancy and birth story of my eldest

July 5, 2005, 17 days after our wedding day, two red lines from the pregnancy test faced me. I smiled knowing I'm gonna be a mom but scared knowing that I'm gonna be a mom!
For my first trimester, I don't have food cravings. As far as I remember, there is only one crave I requested from hubby, that is to let him buy a Kit-Kat chocolate wafer for me and unfortunately he bought Knick-Knacks chocolate biscuits. Not a big deal for me, I ate the Kinick-Knacks :D Since its my first pregnancy, we are kind of OC - you know like being extra careful in everything stuffs and lots to avoid of. Good thing my OB is Dra. Atoc who is based at Mactan Doctors Hospital, a conventional type of doctor yet open to embrace new techniques and approach to caring pregnancy. 

5 months later, I quit my job and went home to our hometown. Nothing can help me relax than the comfort and support from my family especially my parents. I know I should stay with hubby and give birth beside him but hi…