Friday, December 5, 2014

{Only in Pinas} Rant on LTO Mandaue's Service

November 26, 2014 at around 9:10AM, we (I'm with my husband) arrived at Land Transportation Office - Mandaue Branch (known as LTO Mandaue). Be informed that a lot of people would annoy you, telling you that they would help you file for the driver's license in a faster way as you approached the office. Pinoys called them Fixers. We did not chose that option since their bulletin board states that it would only take 25 minutes of your time to process the Student Permit (SP) Drivers License. Besides, we don't want to pay more.

The Public Assistance Desk Officer and the Office Guard greeted us and asked our purpose. I told them that I would like to renew my SP Drivers License and with that information, he handed me the form for me to fill-up, gave me instruction that I have to wait for my name to be called in Window 3 for my photo and signature taken and wait again for my turn in Window 4 for the payment and that Releasing will be done by the Office Guard.

Once I'm done filling up the form, I submitted it back to the Public Assistance Desk Officer together with my previous SP Temporary ID, its receipt and a photocopy of my company ID. He attached number #8 and again give me the same set instructions. It was 9:15AM.
And again as displayed outside that it would only takes 25 minutes to process the license therefore I am confident that I can be finished without getting late for work.

As I wait, I noticed newly arrived people who just sit less than 5 minutes and then called by Window 2 or Window 3 for photo and signature. Worse, as they approached the window area, someone would accompany them and sometimes gives them instructions on what to do, I assume they are fixers.

Yes! Fixers! and for reasons that I don't know, it just feel weird why LTO Mandaue Officers allow this system in their office!

While they wait only for 5-minutes, it already took me 35-minutes already to wait for my turn. I got up and follow-up the Public Assistance Desk Officer. He said to ask to Evaluation Officer, Oh well! if I had not asked I would not know that there's an Evaluation Officer. I went to their Evaluation Officer and asked her about my papers and there in her desk staring back at me was my form and documents with number#8. Worse! it frustrates me seeing her holding forms with and without priority numbers. I told her that my form was still with her for more than 30 minutes and ask why it took so long? I did not wait for her answer, I went back to the bench with my tantrum face. Yes! I'm already upset.

Minutes after, I found her bringing some forms in Window 3. I keep standing and watching the person in Windows 3. Finally by 10:10AM my name was called for my photo and signature. He told me to wait for I'll be called again by Window 4 for my payment. I asked him on how long would I wait, he said there is no exact time as it will depend on number of forms the next window will received. What a wrong answer! If they follow a first come first serve basis policy, he can estimate it! And come on, he's working there for like how many years, of course he definitely has an estimate! Grrr!

In Window 4, I did not wait for name to be called, I asked the in-charge about my forms and on how much longer would I wait. There are 2 people and in the Window 4, an older woman and her sidekick. The sidekick told me that my form is with him and that processing is ongoing. He called my name again, I paid 317.63. He then told me to wait for the Office Guard as he is in-charge of the distribution. This is also confusing on why let the Office Guard distribute when there is a window for Releasing and someone has manned on that Releasing Window.

By 10:30AM, here comes the Office Guard with him the receipts and the driver licenses. 
By the way, you only get a receipt for SP License. Then they will let you signed a sheet to confirm receiving the receipt. I signed the sheet and got out of their office. 
I'm already late for work.

Approximately 1.5 hr for this:
You could say "Oh please! For 1.5-hr loss and you're already whining!"
Well, I should be have completed it in less than 25 minutes if there is a proper system.

That system! Only in the Philippines system!

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