Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Little Boss, Money and Entrepreneurship Workshop for Parent and Kid

Do you want to teach your kiddos about money handling at a young age? 
Better yet let them be differentiate a need and a want. 
Or wanna introduce entrepreneurship stuffs?
If Yes, then The Little Boss, Money and Entrepreneurship Workshop for Parent and Kid, is for you.

Event Details:

When:  November 14, 2015 at 1:30PM - 5:00PM (Registration starts at 1:00PM)

Where: Century Plaza Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines

Learning Fee:
Early Bird (until July 31, 2015) - Php 1500.00 (1 Parent + 1 Child)
Additional Parent - Php 500.00 

Regular Fee - P1800.00 (1 Parent + 1 Child)
Additional Parent - Php 700.00

About the Speaker:
According to www.paulotibig.com.ph, Paulo Tibig, the Entrep Champ, is one of the sought after professional speakers today because of his knowledge in business world. He is the president and CEO of VCargo group with different business units in transport, energy and logistics.
Go check his website for more details about him.

So what are you waiting. Come and Join :D

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sun Life Financial #Fit2LiveFree: What I've Learned

Last July 4, 2015, we were blessed to have attended SunLife's Financial Intelligence Training themed #FIT2LiveFree. This is one the activity Sun Life Financial has offered for free as they celebrate July as Financial Independent Month. We were invited by our friend, Jennifer Magbanua, financial adviser of Sun Life and I'm thankful we accepted her invitation.
We (me and hubby) are one of the Filipino working parents with kids in tow. Because of work (and by God's grace) we were still able to manage to fill our empty tummys, able sleep in a comfortable place, able to send kids to school, and have a bit of pleasure like spending ticket fares to hometown. We earn because of work and if we stop working, we surely know it will change. And like me, I assume a percentage of Filipinos worry about their future or their current financial situations and I commend Sun Life for the concern. Through their campaign, somehow it will help the Filipinos and me be educated.

Edric Mendoza was the speaker for Cebu's #Fit2LiveFree forum. He shared his steps to change, steps on how to balance multiple roles yet still be able to achieve the family's goal while pursuing one's passion. 

Edric's 5 steps to change:

Determine your purpose
- To know your Master and what you will do to serve your Master and spend with someone who will willingly serve your Master alongside with you.

Set clear goals
- Do you want to achieve your:
     * Health Goals? Want to achieve PE 101? be physically fit and can respond well during emergency situation?
     * Family Goals? Do you need to develop your kid's personality? wisdom? talent? moral aspect? spiritual aspect?
     * Other Goals? Do you need to study to improve career?
     * Financial Goals? Do you have emergency fund? income protection?
     * Lifestage Goals? Do you want to travel? want own a car? secure kid's education? secure retirement? 
     You may contact Jennifer Magbanua of SunLife to discuss your financial needs and its possible solution. 
     Email her at jennifer.l.magbanua@sunlife.com.ph
Whatever it is, determine first your goal?

Create a plan
- A plan is a plan when it has objective - mission for the set period; goals - breakdown of purpose; strategies - actions needed to achieve these goals;  measures - success criteria to determine if those goals were achieved

Implement and prioritize
- This is how Edric prioritize things:
He even converge Work and Kids. 
During the event, he brought with him his son Elijah (he works and at same time bond with his kid)
What about yours? What are your priorities?

Surrender and be prepared for detours
- In everything else, its always God's will. He may tackle it in different way therefore allow Him to guide you :) Or he may have another plan for you

Pio Solon and Bunny Pages also gave short talks. 
Bunny Pages, one Cebu's successful entrepreneur talk about being positive by:
(1) Clearing your minds? Rather handle a situation in a passive way rather than being reactive 
(2) Be mindful for open loops and if possible close it (getting things done) 
(3) ROB - Return of blessings 
(4) Making small improvements

Pio Solon discussed why taking care of our body is important for our success? 
As simple as the statement "Being sick is expensive" says it all.
To care for your wellness: 
(1) Exercise at least 30 minutes on most days of the week 
(2) Eat natural foods at appropriate quantities 
(3) Sorround yourselves with people who support your goal 
(4) Stick to your goal 
(5) Have faith that you can do it

I'm almost 40 and I want to spend more time with my kids than with my cubicle at work. As what May of FullyHousewife says, there is hope. This campaign helped us in a way and we decide to takes things done one step at a time for a better us :)

Thanks again Jen for the invitation.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jollibee "I Love You Sabado" is back!

Remember the Jollibee's I love you Sabado jingle?
The lyrics goes something like...“Isang tulog na lang, Jollibee na naman! Ang araw lulubog, bukas mabubusog… Sa Chickenjoy manok at Yumburger bilog! I love you Sabado, pati na rin Linggo! Hintay ka lang Jollibee, nand’yan na ako! Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee!”

Been a fan to this jingle :)
Years back, this jingle was always been played in TV or Radio AD, no wonder it inspired Filipino families to look forward to weekends as a chance to bond together after a busy weekdays. We can't afford to have "Saturdays at Jollibee" but we can afford to spend those precious weekends with our kiddos. Who wouldn't love weekends --- no classes, no work, time when you have those "palanay mode" (chillin) moments  --- so as much as possible, we make sure to spend our Saturdays and Sundays together.

Did you know that Jollibee re-launched this adored jingle? Yes, they did! Though there has been revisions, it was polished to suit to today's younger generation and last July 4, 2015 selected Jollibee stores nationwide kick-off the revised "I love You Sabado" jingle. Aside from games in store for the kids and customers, kids had a chance to witness as Jollibee’s brand ambassadors and mascots dance and sing with the new jingle.
Thanks to Cebu Blogging Community, my kids were able to witness the launching of "I Love You Sabado" Campaign at Parkmall Mandaue. They were able to have an up close and personal with Darlene Vibares and all the mascots, more so enjoy their Jollibee treats.
Hearing again the I Love You Sabado jingle brings back my childhood memories and I'm glad my kids get to experience it too. Jollibee in a way is been part of the family, for promoting family bonding, for making weekends exciting.

Sa Jollibee, Bida talaga ang saya!

Here's the revised I Love You Sabado jingle. Enjoy!

I Love You Sabado!
Isang tulog na lang! Isama ang buong pamilya at tikman ang sarap ng Sabado sa Jollibee! :) Check out our newest video! #ILoveYouSabadoWe're also on Instagram & Twitter: @jollibee
Posted by Jollibee on Friday, 3 July 2015

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Join Yamba's Testers & Win an iPhone6

Do you like to explore new social media sites? 
Do you like to share photos, quotes, blog posts or any new info to your peers?
If yes, then you could be the person Yamba, a new social media site, is looking for.

Join Yamba's Team of Beta Testers and have a chance to win one of the THREE iPHONE6 device.


Go to www.yamba.rock
Or you may use http://yamba.rocks/#!/register if page does not display.

- Fill out the sign up form. 
Sign-up form is only open from June 30 - July 5, 12 midnight (NOTE: REGISTRATION IS EXTENDED)
Those who signed-up within the indicated date will automatically be qualified to win the prizes.

- As beta testers to Yamba, play around the site between July 6 - 17, 2015.
Play means you....
                                                                  .... photos, inspiring quotes, blog posts.
Be sure to perform these within July 6 - 17 to be accounted.

Winners will win iPHONE6 with the following criteria:

- First Winner: the one who has the most views post in yamba.rocks
- Second winner: the one who has the most followers by the end of the test.
- Third winner: the one who uploaded the most number of post (photos, links, quotes, texts, etc).

Announcement of winners will be through Yamba on July 25, 2015. The prizes will be given by the management of Yamba.rocks. Winners will need to CLAIM their prizes in Cebu personally.

This is open to Philippine residents only.
Join the team and don't forget to post between July 6-17 to win an IPHONE6.

Click here to register to Yamba

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