About Me

My name is Shiella and this is my personal blog.
Close friends fondly call me Balot.
I'm currently based in the Queen City of the South.
I'm just a typical working mom, who helps hubby making ends meet and at the same time ensures to allocate quality time to my children.

Grace of sandierpasture.com inspired me to blog.
According to her, "blogging is a good venue to communicate with family and friends (aside from Mobile Phones, Facebook, and Skype :D). A place to express yourself and everything."
I cannot agree with her more plus it's a good spot for me to develop my communication skills!

My blog contains captured moments from a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife or a mommy's perspective. 

A journal of my family's adventures.
Special and not so special experiences.
Stuffs about how we live life and how we love it.
Special moments...captured.
And among other things worth to chatter :D

Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to hear fresh stories from you, please send me a note at lotusshiella@gmail.com

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Cebu Blogging Community 
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