Friday, July 27, 2012


I celebrate my birthday this month and having been half way through my life, I realized that there are things that I still wanna do, yet not yet done.
A friend, JN, has a list of anything on what he still wants to do. He inspires me to do the same, thus this list was created and being hopeful that I can achieve it.

My Wishlist (version 1.0)
1. Learn how to pamper my husband everyday
2. Travel around the world
3. Sleep on a king-sized bed with all the pillows and the comforters (we're co-sleeping with our children)
4. Teach kids
5. Build a school
6. Finish my cross-stitch project
7. Arrange the photos in the albums
8. Take photos
9. Be a good cook (just like my hubby :D) - but hey! I do bake :D
10. Master the art of frosting cupcakes and cakes
11. Arrange the clutter in my cabinet (on books, papers, notes, and everything)
12. 100% attendance in Yoga classes
13. Play badminton
14. Ride a bike with family
15. Had an idea on what to do with the segregated recyclable materials (aside from selling in the junk shop :D)
16. Own a business
17. Buy a rocking chair
18. Own a garden
19. Go on an organic diet
20. Learn how to create maki-rolls or bibimbap
21. Learn how to make scripts and codes :D
22. Learn to swim
23. Try SPA
24. Make a quilt for my children
25. Do trekking

Such a wishlist huh!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Losing Loved Ones

June 2012 has been the saddest month for us and especially for my hubby and his family. My hubby's dearest Mom and Uncle L (one of his Dad's brother) passed away.

A celebration for they are already called to unite with our Almighty God. 
But for those being left behind to continue life's journey here on earth, a feeling of loneliness engulfed.

Their passing let me realize to live life and spend every precious moment to the very fullest.

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