Friday, July 27, 2012


I celebrate my birthday this month and having been half way through my life, I realized that there are things that I still wanna do, yet not yet done.
A friend, JN, has a list of anything on what he still wants to do. He inspires me to do the same, thus this list was created and being hopeful that I can achieve it.

My Wishlist (version 1.0)
1. Learn how to pamper my husband everyday
2. Travel around the world
3. Sleep on a king-sized bed with all the pillows and the comforters (we're co-sleeping with our children)
4. Teach kids
5. Build a school
6. Finish my cross-stitch project
7. Arrange the photos in the albums
8. Take photos
9. Be a good cook (just like my hubby :D) - but hey! I do bake :D
10. Master the art of frosting cupcakes and cakes
11. Arrange the clutter in my cabinet (on books, papers, notes, and everything)
12. 100% attendance in Yoga classes
13. Play badminton
14. Ride a bike with family
15. Had an idea on what to do with the segregated recyclable materials (aside from selling in the junk shop :D)
16. Own a business
17. Buy a rocking chair
18. Own a garden
19. Go on an organic diet
20. Learn how to create maki-rolls or bibimbap
21. Learn how to make scripts and codes :D
22. Learn to swim
23. Try SPA
24. Make a quilt for my children
25. Do trekking

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