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Thursday Thirteen #2: Jiggy's Med Stuff

For this week, I thought I could post thirteen vitamins, medicines and first aid 
items needed for little Jiggy at home.

1. Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion - due to Jiggy's rashes since he's one-month old, this has been his soap and lotion. It works for him as his rashes are now gone.

2. Tiki-Tiki Oral Drops - classic multi-vitamins needed to develop good appepite

3. PedZinc Oral Drops - a dose for vitamin C a day makes Jiggy's pedia away. Our pedia recommends though to use Vitamin C with Zinc since as we all know is a mineral that keeps our immune system strong. 

4. Salines - first aid meds for colds. Main ingredient is salt thus no harm done if given abundantly =)

5. Tempra Oral Drops - for temporary relief of feve at greater than 37.5 C.

6. Gripp Heel - a homeopathic therapy given if colds persists for more than 3 days even if medicated with Salinese.

7. Bronchalis Heel - also a homeopathic therapy given for severe dry coughs with colds.

8. Engystol - another homeopathic therapy fo…

{Only in Pinas} Tinted Number Plates

On our way to work, this vehicle caught my attention...
Have you noticed it? Try a closer look!
Giving up? It's the tinted plates!!! Hmmn...just wondering if its legal to use it here in the Philippines!

As common sense, part of the highway code is the driver's responsibility to ensure that his/her vehicle's license plate should be visible to other motorists. This is one of the very important information, thus I don't see any reason to conceal it.

Thursday Thirteen #1: Stuffed Toys

I came across this blog and I thought of joining the fun. 
I'll start with thirteen stuffed toys we currently have with us.

1. Winnie the Pooh as Easter Bunny
- This is was given to me by Minggay way back Hitachi days. My very first stuffed toy.
2. Winnie the Pooh
- Birthday present for Honey on her 1st birthday given by tita Valen
- Bought by daddy to accompany Pooh...:D
4. Little Dolly
- Honey's baby

5. Puppy
- Won during pizza eating contest during daddy's company team bonding.
 6. Orange Turtle
- Given by Uncle Bernie for Honey, when we visited Manila Ocean Park
7. Minnie Mouse
- First time to won at one of the game booths of Bibo Worlds of Fun (Lim Ket Kai, CDO)
8. Blue Dragon
- Won by Honey's daddy at one of the game booth at the HK Ocean Park

9. Purple Teddy
- Given to Honey by two foreigners at HK Ocean Park...of all the kids, they gave it to Honey.. :D
10. Astro Boy
- Taken by me from JV Given by JV when Jiggy was still on my tummy
11. Rainbow Teddy
- Christmas gift for Hon…