Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thirteen #2: Jiggy's Med Stuff

For this week, I thought I could post thirteen vitamins, medicines and first aid 
items needed for little Jiggy at home.

1. Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion - due to Jiggy's rashes since he's one-month old, this has been his soap and lotion. It works for him as his rashes are now gone.

2. Tiki-Tiki Oral Drops - classic multi-vitamins needed to develop good appepite

3. PedZinc Oral Drops - a dose for vitamin C a day makes Jiggy's pedia away. Our pedia recommends though to use Vitamin C with Zinc since as we all know is a mineral that keeps our immune system strong. 

4. Salines - first aid meds for colds. Main ingredient is salt thus no harm done if given abundantly =)

5. Tempra Oral Drops - for temporary relief of feve at greater than 37.5 C.

6. Gripp Heel - a homeopathic therapy given if colds persists for more than 3 days even if medicated with Salinese.

7. Bronchalis Heel - also a homeopathic therapy given for severe dry coughs with colds.

8. Engystol - another homeopathic therapy for fever 

9. Human Nature Baby Oil - Jiggy's very best friend. Given to him every after bath or when he is sweating from play. This is a prevention from colds and "panuhot" (gas spasm).

10. Xylogel and "MarkaTiki" - reliefs for gums when baby is teething

11. Efficasent - for muscle pains and insect bites.

12. Human Nature Mosquito Repellant Lotion - prevention from mosquito bites

13. Honey - best substitute for sugar. We also used for Jiggy's gums since he is still teething.

Some are meds are also used by ate Honey and by us adults too :D

NOTE: I am not paid to do this post. We bought these products for our personal use.

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