Sunday, October 14, 2012

Food Trip: Strawberry Muffins

This recipe is adapted from Taste of Home's "Simple and Delicious Cookbook (2nd Edition)". The original recipe uses blueberries but since we lived in a place where there's only two seasons (hot & rainy), without a doubt blueberries are scarce and expensive. 
I also thought of using strawberries but like blueberries, these are limited as they are only grown in Baguio. However, strawberries are popular than blueberries through strawberry flavored milk and yogurts, jam or biscuits, so here it is, our version of strawberry muffin.

The original recipe:
The ingredients:
Mixing all the dry ingredients (with my little helper):
Pouring in all wet ingredients:
Mix! mix! mix!:
When blended, pour in a greased muffin pans:
Bake until done, you its done when the inserted toothpick into the muffins comes out clean:
Try it and and I'm sure your kids will surely loves it!

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