Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Note to Mom on Mother's month

Dear mom,

Thank you for marrying dad and sticking to him through thick and thin
Thank you for letting us stay in your tummy for 9 months
Thank you for giving a big push so we can go out and meet the world
Thank you for the nice warm bath
Thank you for the comforting clothes we wear
Thank you for giving us nourishments
Thank you for cleaning my wounds we got from playing and exploring with playmates
Thank you for getting mad at us when we're not listening at you
Thank you for setting rules
Thank you for the reprimands and hitting the rod
Thank you for letting us go to school
Thank you for for letting what course to take (though you and dad already set the school due to financial constraints..big grin :D)
Thank you for letting us explore the world and let us decide for our future
Thank you for being there even things go rough and tough
Thank you for you love
Thank you ma!
We love you ma! 
Belated happy mother's day and hope you have a happy mother's month :D

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1 comment:

  1. Our mother is truly a gift from God. I really love this article. :-)