Saturday, August 31, 2013

August's Photo-A-Day Challenge

Yeey! Had successfully completed it! Whew! Thanks Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim.

Day 1: Something beginning with N
Its my nails, yeah nothing fancy here but I like them short and unpolished :D

Day 2: Incomplete
My cross-stitched project, this pattern is still incomplete :-(

Day 3:Skyline
Cloudy day!

Day 4: Fresh
Freshy baked orange muffin for Honey's baon.

Day 5: Early
Music playing early in the morning for our little Jiggy.

Day 6: This means a lot to me
The picture says it all :D

Day 7: A sign
Along Mandaue, Cebu road which causes traffic everyday. Calling DPWH, this obstacle been there for almost 3 months already :-(

Day 8: Peek-A-Boo
 Asking Honey to give me a peek-a-boo look :D

Day 9: 2 o'clock
The sky at 2 o'clock - still cloudy!

Day 10: Beverage
Only "beverage" available in the ref. Kid's favorite and mine too!

Day 11: I love doing this
Its actually "We" love doing this --> playtime!

Day 12: Macro
Macro shoot of this pair of earring given by hubby's friend, Coral :D

Day 13: Fast
Yep, F1 racing cars are indeed fast.

Day 14: Trash
Paper cut-outs after making Honey's school projects.

Day 15: The best
Family time is really the best.

Day 16: Cooking
Cooked sweet corn for siesta :D

Day 17: Exercise
A dinner treat from Marcus & Shing surely needs an exercise. Food is great at Lantaw, Busay.

Day 18: Someone you spoke to today
Teaching Jiggy the ABC's

Day 19: Lost
Does this bunny looked lost?

Day 20: Stairs
Our apartment's stairs

Day 21: Slow
When its color time, Honey takes much time :D

Day 22: A room
A peek on our room.

Day 23: Yellow
Trademark color of CAT Trucks.

Day 24: In the background
Yes, our walls are full of school materials during school days.

Day 25: Culture
Giving pasalubong (souvenirs as homecoming gift) is one of the culture of Pinoy's.

Day 26: Entrance
Apartment's entrance.

Day 27: 10 minutes from home
The road 10 minutes from home - its always traffic :-(

Day 28: Corridor
Playing in the corridor

Day 29: Lucky
Feeling lucky having you :D

Day 30: Cluttered
Clutters in my bag!

Day 31: Dangerous
I admit it, I'm so afraid of heights and renting on 2nd floor apartment especially having small kids with us really takes extra care and caution.
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