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Visiting Bantayan Island for the second time

I fell in love to it since my first visit.  It's my husband's top place to visit in Cebu when family & relatives would ask. And just because we want to have one last blast for summer 2014, off we went.
Because of our spontaneity, we travel by land through a non-aircon bus. We could not wait for the aircon bus and for trying to catch the 10:30AM voyage from Hagnaya Port, non-aircon bus it. Yes, we were not able to make the 10:30AM voyage. Instead, we have to ride on a 12:30PM with smaller ferry. By the way, during this time of the month, Amihan and Habagat (wind directions) seems like have an effect since waves are bigger thus, sailing is not that smooth. Infact, it makes me dizzy a bit.

We stayed at Beach Placid and choose Beach Front Room good for 4 persons at 1800PHP. This is with free breakfast. For our other meals, hubby chose to buy food outside the resort (fresh fish and fruits) and we just request the resort to cook for us. It has additional charges though. The resort i…

9 years and counting...

It has been nine years since we said our "I do"s.
Through the years,
   We had our misunderstanding;
   We had our disappointments;
   We argue or worst we fight;
   Our characters always clash;
   Our goals are the same but our ways are different;
   We are mad, we cried.
But despite everything, we are still together,
   Because we understand;
   Because we hope;
   Because we reconcile;
   Because we compromise;
   Because we reconsider;
   Because we love;
   And so we laugh, we smile. Happy anniversary my Luvs, my Papa, my Taniel, my Partner.

I love you to the moon and back!
Thank you for sticking :D
God knows how thankful I am having you in my life.
I'm counting for more years of togetherness to come through God's grace.
Taken 13 years ago (Bohol Honeymoon)