Wednesday, June 18, 2014

9 years and counting...

It has been nine years since we said our "I do"s.
Through the years,

   We had our misunderstanding;
   We had our disappointments;
   We argue or worst we fight;
   Our characters always clash;
   Our goals are the same but our ways are different;
   We are mad, we cried.
But despite everything, we are still together,

   Because we understand;
   Because we hope;
   Because we reconcile;
   Because we compromise;
   Because we reconsider;
   Because we love;

   And so we laugh, we smile. Happy anniversary my Luvs, my Papa, my Taniel, my Partner.

I love you to the moon and back!
Thank you for sticking :D
God knows how thankful I am having you in my life.
I'm counting for more years of togetherness to come through God's grace.

Taken 13 years ago (Bohol Honeymoon)
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