Friday, January 9, 2015

Thank You 2104! Hello 2015!

Happy New Year. 
Yes I am excited on what 2015 would bring to us.
But seems like I am not over with 2014 yet. Yep! Not yet!
But can't also wait for 2015 to unfold too and receive its offers.
So before anything else, we want to say Thank You 2014 for the goodness you have brought to us. It was full of challenges and stress, yet it was full of hope, love and happiness. It was fun.

So here it is, some random photos of our holidays as we celebrate the joys of 2014 and open arms welcome of 2015.
Packed bags
Our little boy who's excited to fly
Annual family photo
And cousins
Newest member of the family
Our warrior princess
My Lola
And more food

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