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When coughs, colds and fever strikes

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For the first 2-weeks of 2015, we were sick.
I got the colds and headache first. My medication was to drink plenty of water, some lozenges for my sore throat and rest. These initial medication didn't work so I took Decolgen 3x a day for 2 consecutive days. Good thing I did, for the headaches are gone yet the colds are still there.

Then 8-yr old daughter has itchiness on the throat with occasional coughing. Not paying attention that these also are signs of cold infection, I just let her have water therapy, rub Vicks on her throat or spray some Kamillosan M and a dose of Vitamin C (5ml a day).

But because we (me and my daughter) didn't treat the infection well, it spread and infected my 3-yr old son. At first there was a sneeze (initially blamed the cold weather) but before the day ends the nose is dripping like water. So I let him take his medicine --> we let him take Gripp Heel (3x a day) and Vitamin C (2.5ml for 2x a day). The following day, I heard him coughing.

By the way, Gripp Heel is a homeopathic medicine for colds, coughs and fever. According to our pedia, Dra. Myrna Lopez of Mactan Doctors Hospital, homeopathic treatment is an alternative treatment that focus on boosting one's immune system in order for it to fight the infection. For viral infections, this is her recommended medication. Synthetic syrup and antibiotics is her last resort.
More on homeopathy information here

Three days of this treatment, my son had a fever. This time, I urged the husband to go to our pedia but he said not yet. (Natataranta na ako while wala lang si hubby! You see I decide based on my gut feeling but he decide based on logical reasons daw!) So we gave him 5ml Tempra every after 4 hours. On the 5th day (3-days with colds and coughs + 2-days of colds, coughs and fever), husband agreed to seek professional help since we see no improvement even when medication was already applied. However, the pedia gave the same medicine (Gripp Heel + Vitamin C + Tempra) with the addition of Allerkid (antihistamine). She said his lungs has no phlegm and that its only a viral infection.

Hubby got sick too and my daughter's condition also worsen as she complained for being too cold and that her tummy aches so much. I'm too occupied with my 3-yr old that I forgot my 8-yr old baby being sick too :-( And because she has
phlegm and has swelling on her throat, pedia gave her Zinnat (antibiotic). This time I requested hubby to treat his fever and colds. He took BioFlu and Nasathera.
We also clean the bedroom (as in general cleaning), changed the sheets, air dried the pillows under the sun, washed the blankets and sprayed some disinfectant. After two weeks, with medication and cleaning and constant prayers, we're good and virus free.

This treatment works for me and my family. As each of us have different reaction to treatments, please do consult a health professional before trying this.

Update as of January 27:

Added information related to BIOLOGICAL HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL CORP, in case you'd like to know more about homoepathic treatments. Heel products can be bought here.

Found this related sites about BHMC 

BHMC Clinics:
0356 Don Mariano Cui St., Capitol Site Cebu City
Tel# (032)253-3746 / (032)253-3099

SE JO Lim BLDG., Gemilina St., Carmen, CDO City
Tel# (088)858-73-92 Telefax# (088) 233-3139

# 123 Camia St., Juna Subd., Matina, Davao City

Unit E Upper Ground Floor, West Gate Tower, Investment Drive
Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel# (02)842-7005 Telefax: (02)850-6249

1691 Maria Orosa St., Malate, Manila
Tel# (02)523-1211 Telefax# (02)522-5823

Suite 301 Marbella 1 Condominium
2223 Roxas Boulevard,Pasay City 1300
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel# (02)833-9142 / (02)833-1005

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  1. I usually also give it three days before I bring my children to the pedia. Most of the time kasi, if I bring them on the 1st day of the fever, she won't be able to prescribe anything just yet. So instead of going back and forth, I give it 3 days. Unless, of course, it's really bad.

    I'm really interested about homeopathic treatment. I'll definitely discuss this with our pedia on our next visit.

  2. Hay, hardest thing for any mommy...if kids are sick : (

  3. Coughs and colds are very normal for kids to catch here in Manila - with the changing weather, pollution and being exposed to other kids (who may have coughs and colds too). I like how we're trying to find some natural ways to combat this and resort to antibiotics as the last option. I also add on to my son's vitamin c on the onset of colds. Plus last month, we tried the humidifier. And it worked wonders.

    1. We'll check on humidifiers and its benefits. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Everyone's getting sick due to the cold weather. :(

  5. I really don't want to depend on traditional medicines- used Decolgen and Neozep for me and kids but colds only worsen with less nose clogging but the mucus just went to other places like behind the ears and throat which will soon become cough with phlegm. So I ditch the usual OTC remedies and double dose with Vitamin C and Bragg's apple cider vinegar. Glad we did very effective but when itchiness, runny nose and sneezing come into action time to take Alerta. Thanks for sharing. But where can I buy Gripp Heel? Macy Santos

    1. Heel products can be bought at BIOLOGICAL HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL CORP clinics
      Found related sites about the clinic:
      Will update the blog to add contact information on BHMC clinics

  6. My kids got sick too because of the change in weather. I also give them anti-histamine because this cold weather is triggering their rhinitis.

  7. I tend to be praning when my kids are sick. But I usually give them meds and after one day, if hindi pa nag-improve, that's the time I bring them sa pedia. Or if their temp went up to 39, hospital na derecho namin. Its really hard kasi when kids are sick.

  8. We usually wait for 3 days for consultation with pedia but update her after day 1 through text message. If only the kids do not get sick.

  9. It looks like we met the year similarly. Ako di masyado but my son had cough and cold for weeks. What works for us are calamansi and honey. I'm curious about that Wheatgrass Honey in your photo!

    1. Ohh! The Wheatgrass Honey… we let our daughter drink it when her tummy aches as initial remedy to hyperacidity (as our initial suspect). It work naman, di na nagreklamo hours after drinking it.

  10. It really helps to staying fit, eating healthy and resting early. Need to boost your immune system to fight off these illnesses.

    1. First line of defense --- staying fit, eating healthy and resting early :D

  11. Kakaawa talaga ang mga bata pag nagkakasakit :( I make an extra effort not to get sick so my little one won't catch the virus, too. I hope that you and your whole family are back to being healthy. God bless.

  12. Aww, that's not a good start of the year for you and your family but I'm glad to know that you're okay now.