Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thoughts on CS during April 2015's Cesarean Awareness Month

My first child was delivered through CS, view story here :). I was induced 2 times and in labor for ~24 hrs that exhausted my strength yet still failed to progress. For my second child, in the hope for a normal delivery, I practiced my breathing exercises, climb stairs, had long walks and my OB even forced a dilation but no labor. My OB called it CPD. It means my babies failed to go down because my pelvis are not cooperating. 
I am thankful for there is such a thing as CS.

CS stands for Cesarean Section. 
According to www.whathealth.com, a cesarean section is a surgical operation in which a baby is delivered through a cut in the front wall of the abdomen and womb. This procedure is often used when a vaginal birth carries a higher risk of complications.

My younger sister had an emergency cut due to non-reassuring fetal heart rate. Her baby Elle's heart rate slow down due to cord coiled. 

My brother-in-law's wife had placenta previa, wherein the placenta is lying low covering the cervix and covering the baby's way out. Medical professionals performed CS.

God's gift of life able me to share life with my two kids.
The same God's grace is being showered to my sisters and in-laws with their children too.
In a way, we personally thank that there's another option and that is Cesarean Section procedure.
The road to recovery for CS moms is tougher than those who undergone normal delivery but nevertheless its worth the pain when CS moms get to hold the baby. 
Kudos to the mommies who went under the knife. 

The thing is --- we didn't undergo CS just because but only when things didn't turn out the way we expect. Though the Cesarean Awareness Month 2015 campaign was created to encourage soon to be mommies to consider normal delivery first unless its high risk and while CS is a complex procedure that is associated with complications
, we all should think about safety (for both mom and baby). It may not as natural as normal delivery but it's worth the save! not by nature's design but an innovation.

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  1. I feared pregnancy when I was young. But I guess, as they say, a woman accomplishment is being able to give birth to her child. But having cs can be both painful physically and financially.

    1. me too, I have my fears too and you are so right, cs did drain me physically and financially and emotionally

  2. I gave birth via emergency CS as well due to low of heart beat rate ni baby before. anyway she is now 10 yeard old, and I wanted to have another baby and if that happens, I wanted to try to give birth via normal one. hihi

  3. I gave birth via CS too due to coiled cord. All I can say is 'Kapit Kamay at Virgin pa tayo hehehe"

  4. One of my fears is giving birth via emergency CS pero good thing it didn't happen naman last time kasi I did my best to take all the necessary precautions (although everyone knows sometimes even the best preparations aren't enough.)
    Thank you for sharing your experience. :)

  5. Emergency CS mom here! We had to succumb to CS after 3 days of labor because baby wasn't descending at all and unknowingly swallowed meconium already. I was about to write a similar post but got sidetracked haha. You are right; so many people think giving birth via CS is just because of convenience when most of the time it's actually not!

  6. Giving birth through CS can be really difficult contrary to what most people believe. Aside from being more expensive, the mom may take a while to be okay than the ones who went through normal deliveries.

  7. Long way back to my teen years, I never thought of getting pregnant. And miraculously I was, and I was about to be in CS too. My OB asks me for the last time to do normal delivery and I tried. Oh well, I did have my normal delivery because per advise of my OB it is much better to be in normal because I have my endometriosis. I have an ovarian cyst in my left and right ovary so she advised the much better way. Kudos also to mommies having CS, that doesn't mean they are less of a mother because of it. We are all great mothers.

  8. I want a normal delivery when I got pregnant because I want to feel what my mom felt when I was born (without anesthesia too). But if there will be a problem during the labor, then I have no choice but to do CS. Luckily, nakaya ko mag normal delivery.

  9. I was Cs when I gave birth to my eldest and in two months time I will go another CS. It's difficult but i have to go through it.

  10. I underwent CS, too, because I had a medical condition then that made normal delivery impossible for me, and it sure hurt, but the pain is worth it when I saw my precious son!