Saturday, June 27, 2015

I am my papa's daughter

I remember him bringing home that big burger treat from his company' event. He could have eaten it while at the hotel right after being served, instead brought it home to be shared by 6 siblings, he prefer his offsprings enjoy that treat.
Yet even bringing his breakfast to his work seems like a heavy chore. We even argue on whose turn to bring.

I remember him fresh from bath after a day's work but decided to go back to the plant for an extended work since a workmate came informing that their supervisor requested him to fix the broken bottling line. He chose to work since it an additional compensation and can help the family.
Yet even his simple errand for us takes a lot of whining and complains.

I remember him cleaning my wounds. He cleaned those wounds (I got from playing with friends) very well, so well that it healed within a week. But the pain I got from him cleaning my wounds remain, mad instead of being grateful.
Yet even looking for that liniment oil he requested (he'll use to rubbed on his back to ease those backpain) takes longer to do.

I remember going home late that I had to request my classmate K to accompany me in going home and to avoid being reprimanded. We went to her house for a fiesta celebration and for fear of not being permitted to go, I did not ask permission from papa Pepe. I was so scolded, he even told me to beat me and my classmates.
I didn't see his concern, instead I saw him being a spoiler to our fun.
I never been a good daughter, yet even at my worst and crappy self, nothing beats the love my papa give for me, for us. 
He never gets tired working 7 days a week just to send six kids to school. 
Never gets tired consoling us when we get hurt. 
Never gets tired reprimanding us for our faults and despite all that, still accepts us 
(they don't have choices, eh!... :) ). 
Helps us get up when we stumbled, disciplines us to become good person.
I hurt him, he doesn't show it. 
I gave him a grumpy face, he give me his big wide grin.

I am his daughter and he's my Papa.
Happy Father's Day Pa! We love you through and through!

If this is the love we received from our Papa, Tatay, Daddy, how much more the love our Almighty Father give to of all, his children. 
Amazing Grace isn't it?

Happy Father's Month!
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  1. Such a sweet post for your dad, Balot. I'm a daddy's girl, too, and I think my little one is as well. I no longer show the same affection but I hope he knows how highly I think of him. :)

    1. Hi Pam, that special bond you have with your dad will never be erased, I'm sure he knows how much you love him. :)

  2. This post feels like a freehand poem of sorts.. I am not rally a daddy's girl or a mom's girl as I've had the feeling of being disconnected from them when they didn't address my concern that someone (or most of my classmates) was bullying me at school. Nevertheless I know that they loved with all of their heart- as do all true fathers and parents out there :)

  3. He sounds like a great dad! My own dad passed away last year, it's good to show your appreciation while you can.

  4. I am also a daddy's girl and I look up to him till now and I love him more. Even that I am married now and I have my own family he is the first one that I talked too

  5. Sweet words. We are also 6 siblings in the family so I definitely know the hardwork raising a big family.

  6. This is a sweet post for your dad. Happy father's day to him! :)

  7. Oh how sweet! Yeah, our dads' generation talaga ang sisipag no? They really understand the value of hard work and sacrifice for their children. Belated happy dads day to you dad!

  8. Belated Happy Father's day to your dad. I'm not a daddy's girl since I never got to know my father that well. It's wonderful that you have such a loving relationship with him. :)

  9. no matter where life take us, we will always be our Papa's girl, i guess. me and my Papa have a 42 year old gap, and even when we had frequent misunderstandings, he never failed to show us how much he loved us. I miss him more on Father's Day.

    Belated Happy Father's Day to your dad! ^_^

  10. We will never understand our parents till we become one. They want nothing but the best for us. Belated Happy Father's Day to your Dad. :)

  11. I am a papa's girl too! You and your siblings are very blessed to have such a wonderful father. Belated Happy Father's day to your dad! :)

  12. Your post reminded me of my father. He left us early and how I wished he stayed a few more years to see my little boy, his bunsong apo. I know he's always with us. Salute to your hardworking dad!

  13. Your post reminded me of my father. He left us early and how I wished he stayed a few more years to see my little boy, his bunsong apo. I know he's always with us. Salute to your hardworking dad!

  14. Your post reminded me of my father. He left us early and how I wished he stayed a few more years to see my little boy, his bunsong apo. I know he's always with us. Salute to your hardworking dad!

  15. You have a great dad. I don't think that you're a bad daughter at all, especially that you've written a blog post dedicated to your dad. Unlike you, I was a rebellious daughter. I blamed my parents for all the hardships I've been through. But then one day, I grew up and realized that my parents were teaching me to be accountable for my own actions and decisions. And I thank them for being too strict with me, otherwise, I'd be too dependent on them.

  16. You are so lucky to have that kind of bond with your father! It's the one role in life that my husband loves to do for our kids. He knows how important it is that he is as involved and present as he could be.

  17. Inspiring post! I haven't written anything like this about my dad, huhu. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I used to be a daddy's girl pero when he got his own family na and I too had mine, medyo we got separated na. We get to talk once in a while. He is also one of the persons I can talk to wthout inhibitions.