Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#roadtrip to Cebu South: Badian (Part 2)

Second Stop: Kawasan Falls at Badian, Cebu

From Oslob, we continue our #roadtrip and headed to our next destination -> Kawasan Falls, Badian.
Oslob to Badian via Samboan is around 2-3 hrs ride. Don't worry, you'll never get bored since the scenery is nice. We made a short stop at Samboan's little roundabout, which is beside the town's municipal hall. Made a short stop and some took pictures of the town's old church and lighthouse and see the view Dumaguete Island.

I'm not sure which town of Badian we stopped, however I'm definitely assured it's the entry point towards Kawasan Falls as indicated in the signage :). The entry point's landmark is Badian's Church were lots of vehicles and motorcycles parked. 
There are two options in getting to the falls;
     - take a ride on the motorcycle at P50.00 per person;
     - walk;
We chose the second option. Walking in group gives a chance for small talks and since the trail is beside the river, you get to see the river's beauty, its crystal clear waters, freshwater fishes, some abandoned bridges and trees. Be careful from falling since there are no safety fences along the riverside. You get to pass a short bridge with no railings too. Also, motorcycles passed from time to time so better stay at the safer side of the trail especially if you have kids with you.

Entrance fee:
     - P20.00 for local tourists
     - P40.00 for foreign tourists
The last time I'm here, I remembered not paying any entrance fee, however we came from the mountains of Mantalungon, from our Osmena Peak trek.

Kawasan Falls consist of 3 layers waterfalls. We just stayed at the first falls. Climbing to the second and third falls is a bit challenging especially if you bringing younger kids. The spring's water is so cold, even with just a dip of my feet already gives me shivers, while Ange like it so much she thought its refreshing, much better than the seawater or swimming pool's water. Some of the group went to look the next waterfalls. It still has its beautiful cold aquamarine blue spring water yet lesser crowd. 

The waterfalls and its water is already a treat yet everything else is sooo expensive.
     - P300.00 for tables and cottages rentals
     - P300.00 if you want to get to the falls through the raft
     - P150.00 for life jackets rentals
     - Even a P6.00 Sakto Coke is priced at P40.00!

So in case you want to Kawasan Falls, remember:
  • Swimming is free.
  • Bring food and water with you.
  • Come in weekdays to avoid the crowd.

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  1. wow bigla ko tuloy na miss ang cebu, i wish i can go back there soon with my family.

  2. Cebu B! Have never tried Oslob or Badian, definitely next Cebu destinations.

  3. Feels like relaxing seeing the waterfalls! I hope that the local government will maintain the cleanliness and the natural beauty of this place.

  4. I miss Cebu! I hope I can go back soon!


  5. Oh my gosh! Ang ganda! I have been to Cebu but not here. Shocks! I have to visit. At ang affordable pa niya. Thanks for this post. :)