Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sun Life Wealth and Health Expo for Free

Want to be financially smart?

Attend a WEALTH & HEALTH EXPO for FREE at SMX MOA this coming JUNE 20, 2015.
This financial literary is organized by Sun Life Philippines, in partnership with Manila WorkshopsA chance for young couples and professionals to learn about how to have a brighter life through proper handling of their wealth and health status.
Rikka Redrico of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, will also be part of the of the program. She will be guiding the participants on how to create a vision board that can be used for a successful future. What is even more exciting is that Sun Life Philippines will be giving away special prizes for those who'll share their vision boards.

Admission is FREE. Register at

This Wealth & Health Expo will be hosted by RJ Ledesma.
Talks in morning sessions that aims to inspire young couples include:
While talks in afternoon sessions that aims to encourage the millennials include:
Its time for a brighter life. Be smart, be financially smart! Join na! :D

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