Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kickstarter Alert: "Evolutionary Tales" for Children

Evolutionary Tales is an educational children's book written by Matt Cubberly with pictures illustrated by May Villani. The book is being launched through Kickstarter
The book is a compilation of 10 animal's story being told through poems. With the illustrations that blends well, this surely grab the young reader's attention. 
Stories include creatures living in the land, sky and water which will amaze young minds and since this book also introduces the concept of evolution, this makes learning interesting and fun. 
Moreover, I love that Matt Cubberly being an evolutionary ecologist incorporate his learning in his books --- talk about animals, nature and evolution. This makes children appreciate the beauty of our environment and hopefully help conserve it if not take good care for the next generation to experience its beauty.

Evolutionary Tales will consist of 24-page full-color (9 x 8.25) softcover book and the funding (if successful) will be used for the initial print run of 1000 copies.

Please join and help every kid enjoy Evolutionary Tales.

For more details, please head on to Kickstarter now :)

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