Monday, September 28, 2015

Nice Finds at Sugbo Mercado

Happy Monday!

Last September 25, 2015 was the opening of Sugbo Mercado, a weekly food and lifestyle market, where the best of the Cebu entrepreneurs gather together to showcase their local products. These gathering is strategically located at one of the vacant lot of I.T. park (beside Sky Rise 2 Bldg).

When it comes to exploring foods, you can count on me and the husband (as well as the kiddos too! when in mood. Plus, its good to explore as this is an opportunity for me to know the current trend when it comes to food business (sshhh... I'm dreaming to venture into this type of business soon... in my dreams...)

For this type of gathering, siomai, lechon belly, barbecue and puso are always present but aside from these offerings, there are other deals that somehow attracts me. These are:

MOST Institute Culinary School
- With the cake pops display and this young man of great PR, manning the booth, you can definitely stop and want to listen on what he is talking about. According to him, with quality and affordable easy payment scheme, anybody who loves to cook or bake would definitely be persuaded. Also, you can't resist their cakes pops, its free and it taste good.

Japanese Rice Cake
- Have I ever told you I love Japanese foods? Yep, I love it! except sashimis though! And I was hoping I would see and indulge on it. Well there's this Nikumaki, a japanese rice wrapped with thinly sliced pork strips with their secret sauce :) Unfortunately, I was not able to taste it since their electric stove is not yet working at the time I visited their booth. I was supposed to come back but it just slip :( Oh well! at least I have a reason to go back next friday or saturday!

Home Decors
- There are home decors displayed that I love to bring home with me... Huhuhu I just can't afford yet. Wala sa budget!

Cakes, Cupcakes and more
- Ohhh! My Achilles Heel! I love all the presentations, the decorations, the frosting! Forgive my shoots :( They all look yummy! My son ask for a chocolate cupcake and able to consume it in minutes. This made me realized that the cake and cupcake industry is already booming thus competition is so stiff :( 
Nevertheless, as long as my kids will eat my creations, I will still bake.

Sugbo Mercado is open every Fridays and Saturdays of the week from 4PM till 2AM.
Thank you CBC for the invitation :)
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Friday, September 25, 2015

When old friends just wanna have fun

When one wants to break the routine and pause for awhile;

When one wants to loosen up and shake the nerves coz its stuck up;

When one wants to laugh out loud from the joke only you and them understand;

When one wants to remember the drama, the troubles and misadventures of the yesteryear;

When one wants to to hear again the retold stories of young love, rivalry, heartaches and beautiful dreams, hope, forgiveness and perseverance;

When one wants to be just together and just be comfortable with each other even if there's nothing to talk about;

Old friends... I'm glad I still have you :D

Though short yet it was so worthwhile fun amidst the busy schedule.

Thank you and till next time :D

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sugbu Mercado Opens September 25, 2015

Sugbo Mercado Weekend Food and Lifestyle Market finally opens on September 18, 2015 September 25, 2015! Starting with fifty food and lifestyle product providers, Sugbo Mercado will be the first and the biggest year-round weekly food and lifestyle market in Cebu!

Located on a wooded, grassy knoll at the corner of Geonzon and Villa Streets (beside Avida Showroom Office) in IT Park, Sugbo Mercado is proud to partner with Cebu Holdings Incorporated. We bring together the best of the best of Cebu as well as budding new entrepreneurs in the local food & lifestyle products industry to showcase their products in a tour de force of local pride.

Joining us for our launching weekend are our co-presentors: the biggest global brand in online classifieds, OLX Philippines; the purveyor of the Philippine Experience, The Islands Group; and Digitel Mobile Philippines’ Sun Cellular.

“Kung dili na gamiton, ibaligya na” goes OLX Philippines’ tagline as it allows the exploration of the old saying that goes, “one man’s discard is another’s treasure.” Say, “Yesss, yaman!” at onsite pickups or swap meets, get free discount coupons from OLX to use at participating Sugbo Mercado tenants and catch OLX’s brand ambassador, Jewel, perform live onstage!

Sugbo Mercado goes local all the way to our entertainment with opening night performances by fresh, independent Cebuano talents. David Wilde X Zeejacob headlines the lineup with Jameson Tenorio and Smurf. Now Brisbane-based, international hoops sensation Celi Toledo drops in to spin. Rising hiphop star JID Durano’s music video for his latest single “Issues” goes on a second local public release with a feature performance by the man himself.

Initially operating on Fridays and Saturdays between 4PM to 2AM, Sugbo Mercado would also be an alternative open-air events space catering to corporate or product launches and roadshows on top of regular in-house entertainment activities like food showdowns, bands, shows, and other promotions.

Sugbo Mercado is also sponsored by the easiest way to order online from over 500 restaurants, foodpanda. foodpanda officially launches at Sugbo Mercado later in the month with a lineup of their restaurant-partners present. Catch the foodpanda Panda mascot live as he brings fun, prizes and surprises!

For inquiries, contact 09173088876 or message us at facebook/sugbomercado.

Follow them on social media too!


See you all at Sugbo Mercado!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jiggy turns 4

And so I did Honey's interview early this year. 
This time, its Jiggy's turn.

How old are you?
I'm 4 years old.

What is your favorite color? Why?
Color blue because its the color of my car. (He's referring to his toy car)

What is the color you dislike the most?
Orange. I don't like carrots.

What are your favorite food? drinks?
Spaghetti and water. 

How about my cupcakes. You don't like my carrot cupcakes? (Offering to him one of my newly baked cupcakes.
Yes, I like. Can I ask one please.

What are you afraid of? Why?
Water sa lawom (deep length water) because I don't know how to swim.

What is your favorite thing to do?
I want to play. Watch movie --- Cars, Lightning McQueen Cars!

What would like to be when you grow up?
I want to play. I want to play with my cars, my lego and mega blocks.

This strong-willed little boy doesn't like carrots but loves to eat my carrot cupcake. 
And he surely needs to learn how to swim so he could fully enjoy pool time.
Still addicted to cars, mega blocks and lego stuffs and does not share it with his friends.
Moreover, can be too occupied if he can get hold of IPad (because of Racing Car game) or Papa's phone (because of Minecraft) --- by the way, they are allowed to play during weekends.
Likes to play outdoors too, he can now ride his bike without the help of the training wheels.
Loves to read books . His favorite story is "The Parable of the Two Sons" and loves to read it again and again. 
He talks too much as if he has a lot of stories to tell thus his speech slightly improved wherein he can now communicate clearly to us, not complete sentence though.
Still so malambing (affectionate) and loves to cuddle and be cuddled.

Happy birthday our dear Jiggy :)
May you grow to be God-fearing person.
We love you so much :)

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