Monday, September 28, 2015

Nice Finds at Sugbo Mercado

Happy Monday!

Last September 25, 2015 was the opening of Sugbo Mercado, a weekly food and lifestyle market, where the best of the Cebu entrepreneurs gather together to showcase their local products. These gathering is strategically located at one of the vacant lot of I.T. park (beside Sky Rise 2 Bldg).

When it comes to exploring foods, you can count on me and the husband (as well as the kiddos too! when in mood. Plus, its good to explore as this is an opportunity for me to know the current trend when it comes to food business (sshhh... I'm dreaming to venture into this type of business soon... in my dreams...)

For this type of gathering, siomai, lechon belly, barbecue and puso are always present but aside from these offerings, there are other deals that somehow attracts me. These are:

MOST Institute Culinary School
- With the cake pops display and this young man of great PR, manning the booth, you can definitely stop and want to listen on what he is talking about. According to him, with quality and affordable easy payment scheme, anybody who loves to cook or bake would definitely be persuaded. Also, you can't resist their cakes pops, its free and it taste good.

Japanese Rice Cake
- Have I ever told you I love Japanese foods? Yep, I love it! except sashimis though! And I was hoping I would see and indulge on it. Well there's this Nikumaki, a japanese rice wrapped with thinly sliced pork strips with their secret sauce :) Unfortunately, I was not able to taste it since their electric stove is not yet working at the time I visited their booth. I was supposed to come back but it just slip :( Oh well! at least I have a reason to go back next friday or saturday!

Home Decors
- There are home decors displayed that I love to bring home with me... Huhuhu I just can't afford yet. Wala sa budget!

Cakes, Cupcakes and more
- Ohhh! My Achilles Heel! I love all the presentations, the decorations, the frosting! Forgive my shoots :( They all look yummy! My son ask for a chocolate cupcake and able to consume it in minutes. This made me realized that the cake and cupcake industry is already booming thus competition is so stiff :( 
Nevertheless, as long as my kids will eat my creations, I will still bake.

Sugbo Mercado is open every Fridays and Saturdays of the week from 4PM till 2AM.
Thank you CBC for the invitation :)
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  1. I love foodie trips. Ang saya to look at loads of yummy treats. :) That cake though. Parang ang sarap.

  2. We're we at the fair around the same time? I was there at around 5:30, left at 7pm. I so wanted to try the Nikumaki too but like you mentioned the stove wasn't working due to problems with the electricity wires (I think!). Looking forward to Friday so I can take my lunch there since it's just right across the office. :)

    1. Yep, we were. Saw Sir Carlo and Channel but had to left early... but we'll definitely go back :)

  3. I enjoyed my visit too! Pero window shopping lang muna. Too many interesting finds.. :)

  4. looks great! I love this, ang galing ng mga Cebuanos kung malapit lang yan dito sa q.c sarap pumunta jan :)

  5. I also want to go on this kind of events because of free samples. You can have full stomach without paying anything lols. Thank you for sharing! Followed your blog. :)

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

  6. Nice! I hope to visit this when I go to Cebu in December!