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Birthday on a Gaudete Sunday

It was my sister's birthday yesterday. Her birthday this year falls on the 3rd Sunday of Advent. She's my younger sister but more mature than me psychologically and emotionally. Able to handle difficulty and still manage to smile despite every challenges -- one of the bravest and courageous mom I've ever meet. Words can't express the gratitude I always feel for having her as my sister. I may not be the best sister for her as she is for me. So I am praying to God for more Grace and Mercy and blessings and hoping for all the best of everything life has to offer. I love her much :)

Here she is as she expresses her happiness for the God's gift of life and everything in between:
Dec 13, 2015 is Gaudete Sunday.

“Gaudete” latin for  Rejoice. And the pink/rose candle is lit. And it’s my birthday.

After hearing the mass, the song “Rejoice in the Lord Always” is on a repeat-play mode (in my mind).

Joy is one of the things you make, not search. You…

Nutri10 Plus

Last month, I received a surprise gift from Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Wert Philippines. Its the new multivitamin that's bringing a hype to some mommy bloggers out there. For a newbie like me, I thought I was not selected to be given the samples so when these arrived one Saturday afternoon, it creates a joy on me. I received 3 bottles of Nutri10 Plus together with a small red pouch. 

What is Wert Philippines?
Tried to access their website or but its not yet not available. However, FDA Philippines listed Wert Philippines as Food Distributor.
Also, based on LinkedIn, Wert Philippines is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed food and drug distributor. A company that offers prescription drugs, consumer products and generic medicines. It is registered to SEC since last March 2011. One of their product under Family Consumer Healthcare is Nutri10 / Nutri10 Plus and it has an FB pagethat contains stories about the goodness of Nu…