Friday, March 4, 2016

February 2016 Wrap-Up

Whew! That was fast! 
Second month of the year had gone already. 
No new post for me and still hadn't done with my new site.
So for now, here's last month's wrap-up through my mobile phone's photos :)

The kids are still overwhelmed from being able to go out of the house and play outside and interact with nature and dogs... I mean stray dogs. The little kid had gone overboard as he befriended one of the stray dogs and let it licked his open cut wounds. It gave us so much panic since we don't if the said dog was vaccinated.To be assured, we got the little kid vaccinated for tetanus and rabies vaccines. Seen this lion dance last eve Chinese New Year as they celebrate the coming of the year of the monkey. As for me, tried homeopathic therapy for my anemia and was advised for detoxify my body first.

Remember the view we had last month? It was gone too soon! 
Seems like another residential place will be put up! I hate it when a farmland is destroyed for some personal consumption. Oh well! The cons for aiming an economic progress or whatever progress it is. Ouch! Sayang!
Moving on, hubby treated us with sumptuous lunch last Valentines Day. A lunch of no cooking and dishes to wash :) plus a Halo-Halo and Banana Turon before the V-Day ends! Nice combination by the way.

The little boy shows interest in drawings and sketches. He showed me ate honey and his ship with a rocket on it. I guess he got from me...hehehe. My father-in-law was here for his quarterly check-up and thankful for a good result, thus another dinner treat :) And before this month end, we got a chance to visit my niece who celebrated her 7th birthday, a chance for the cousins to bond.

How about you and family? How was your February :)

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