Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April 2016 WrapUp

Yep, another sushi lunch experience from Buffet 101, this time courtesy from company’s team building budget. I realized that my serving consist mainly of rice...lots of carbohydrates it is. We also planted watermelon in our little home garden but unfortunately the watermelon was infested by aphids and because I don’t want to use pesticide or  soap solution to spray on it, I had to remove the watermelon vines to avoid infesting other plants. Need to study more on home gardening, huh :) . We were invited to Maggy’s birthday party and get to watch magic show for free. Thanks again for the invitation. 

Found these adorable puppies for free adoption and as much as the kids want to take them home, we have to accept the truth that we can’t afford the have one or even the responsibility of raising one… soon maybe. Worthwhile talk with friends, talks about childhood fun, high school misadventures, college problems, lovelife, kids, today and future. Having to live far from hometown, seeing a childhood friend is surely a remedy. Ramen! Craving satisfied!

This kid easily gets tired carrying his stuff, huh! He said it is heavy! Tried the brownie recipe from my mommy friend Jinx but seems like it's a bit dry. Maybe too long in the oven. Also tried another recipe from my friend from the other side of the word, Ange and Ross, but the husband said that the taste is not the same as what Ange made. Oh well! There is always first time. 

At last, the kids get to enjoy summer. Enjoyed a ride from a merry-go-round and some splashes to beat the summer heat at Bahia Resort.

Trying out a new shawarma menu from Shawarma Gourmet Cebu. There shawarma is flavorful but servings are small for their price. Nevertheless, I still love to go back there. It rained last month and I'm thankful for this blessing from heaven..thus trying on macro shots on rain drops.

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