Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August 2016 WrapUp

August was a very busy month for me especially at work. There was an escalation issue tag as Code Red which means, the customer is no longer happy with our delivery. Too much time at work and less leisure time thus few moments captured. Plus my phone is not cooperating or maybe because too much file is stored in it thus the need to clean it up :( (I’m a hoarder so I’ll just let the photos and videos stayed for awhile)

A layover from this little visitor. Dubai’s version of KitKat. Marang fruit from home.

Locally-made Polvoron. Ready for “Araw ng Wika” celebration. Son’s version of spaceship (he’d rather create his own than follow Lego’s instruction)

Received Stickerkid sticker labels. This little boy is busy putting the labels on his belonging. Refer for detailed story about stickerkid here.

Hubby is back. Yippee! Spaghetti and Baby Back Ribs to celebrate the Feast of St. Augustine.

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