Thursday, November 1, 2012

12 years of togetherness

12 years ago, I said yes to my hubby's question when he asked me if I want to be his girlfriend. Following that very special day, he asked me to marry him (well..maybe its not a question, I thought its a sort of declaration that he will marry me soon and that he will never let go of me :D). I was in high spirits to hear it that I just gave him my big wide smile as my answer. Then and then, my happy ending just started.
We were college classmates. He had his own friends, I had my own. Our everyday communication was just a simple Hi and Hello. We basically mind our own businesses.
2 days after that special day, we took the November 2000 Electronics and Communications Engineer Licensure exam. As for the result, he passed the exam and I failed. He went to Laguna to pursue his career while I remained in Cebu to re-take the next licensure exam. When I passed the April 2001 board exam, I chose Cebu as my place to kick-off my professional career development. We tried long distance relationship for we thought that as long as there is constant communication, then we're good. However, our form of communication then was only text and call. We are not sure if its enough.  

We don't think we were good communicators then. 6 months later, I took the risk and decided to go after him. Work hinder us to spend valuable time with each other as we worked at different shifts (he's the night owl and I'm the early bird). Our new form of communication were love notes written in our Love Notebook. We had that setup for more than a year only. Things change when he got a new offer at Cavite and this time we have same working hours. We were able to date and get to know each other more. We were able to join and get to hang-out with our college classmates who were also at Laguna. 
It was the best set-up until another favorable offer in Cebu awaits. He accepted the offer and relocated in Cebu while I remained in Laguna (thought about 180 degrees shift of events, huh!) We were thankful though that he accepted it since its much closer in CDO plus he was able to save enough for our wedding. At that time, quitting my job was not my option. I love my first job ever, I love the people I have work with, the working environment is great, my mentors are the best and I thought the pay is good. As I told my dad about my plan, I remembered him telling us, that if we still have to live apart from each other after the wedding, we better not to get married at all as its no use starting a family with such set-up. We prayed and asked God's plan for us. We got married in 2005 and I relocated in Cebu to be with him.
A year after we got married, God bless us with a lovely little girl.
We have our highs and lows, but we we're able to manage it through the help of family, friends and God's guidance.
We argue a lot and get frustrated as ours was not a perfect marriage. Till now we continually learn to improve our communication skills.
We always struggle with our everyday conflicts, we are thankful that somehow we are still calm and at least end up with an agreement.
I had my tantrums and thank you Lord for giving him to me as he knows how to tame me. 
I am always be grateful that he choose me, and I'm so glad I choose him and Cebu to be with him. 
Today, here in Cebu together as God bless us again with an adorable little son, our love story continues. And I'm looking forward to live it for the rest of the journey.

Happy Anniversary!
Thank You Lord for this wonderful gift :D
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