Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trek to Osmena Peak traverse to Kawasan Falls

I would not let February 2013 pass without bragging that I (as once hopeful) was able to climb Cebu's Osmena Peak and traverse to Kawasan Falls. I always wanted trekking as a hobby, so I said yes on the invitation (though it took me days to convince hubby to go with me:D).

Going there was easy as our bus bring us all the way to Mantalungon, Dalaguete market. As we start our ascend towards Mantalungon, believe me as it was not a bumpy ride. In-fact, the roads there are better there than here in the city plus you get to enjoy the breathtaking view of nature and be comforted by the cold fresh air.
As the sign board says "Dalagute, The Vegetable Basket of Cebu", it truly it is as I notice that vegetable and fruits farmlands like sayote, cabbage, green onions, bell peppers, banana and chinese pechays are everywhere. A 10php worth of banana (lakatan) in the city is only 2.50php in Dalaguete is surely a treat.
Before we start our ascend towards the peak, we stopped at the market for our lunch to make sure everybody's tummy is fully loaded :D It takes approximately 2 hrs for us to climb and reach the campsite (btw, most of us are newbie trekkers). The weather is not cooperative as rain pours now and then. The trail is slippery and muddy. Winds were blown from different directions. 
Fogs engulf us, thus, we were not able to see the full view from the top (sigh!) Because of the weather, we find it difficult to set up our tents. Strong winds indeed as one of our tents was carried by it. We even change campsite location just to evade the winds (unfortunately, cold winds can't be avoided).
Making dinner was even more difficult, good thing that the team's synergy is uplifting enough to make dinner done in time. As for me, since I cannot the beat the coldness of the air, I just stayed inside tent. I'd say it was one of my longest night ever. I'm not sure if I was able to sleep, everything is so cold.
Morning dew greet us and nature is kind enough to let us peek into the scene for a few seconds . It was rewarding enough.
Our trail to Kawasan Falls took us more or less 6-hr walk. It started out exciting then becomes painful especially for me since I am not used to long walks. But as I hear the rushing of water from the Kawasan, I become excited again and determined to reach it.
Muscles are aching for a week after this journey and I am proud of completing it (special gratitude to my hubby for the support). It was worth a climb. Memories are stamped and will never be erased, wishlist #25 of Wishlist was granted and I am hoping go back and visit the peak again...soon :D
Photo Credits: Michael J. Abalos and Jimmy Laganson

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