Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thirteen: Why we love Human Nature Products

1. It is recommended by my pedia whom I consider as a naturalist in some ways :D

2. My son's rashes were gone when we used Human Nature's Natural Baby Wash and Natural Baby Oil.

3. I have the confidence to use Human Nature's Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid for my son's formula bottles since its non-toxic.

4. I like their advocacy on Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, Pro-Environment.

5. According to Human Nature, main workers of the product are the Gawad-Kalinga residents as their means of livelihood.

6. I believe in their claim that it is "100% No Harmful Chemicals" as their labels says, it has no parabens, no phthalates or other toxic substances.

7. Ants love Human Nature's Natural Baby Oil too. One way to check if the their baby oil is close to being natural is when ants love it too (I've read this somewhere in the net). Try exposing both margarine and their baby oil and observed which item is preferred by ants :D

8. Additional way of checking Human Nature products is through their shampoos. There shampoo's ingredients does not list SLS as a foaming agent. As I lather my hair with Human Nature's Natural Strengthening Shampoo it is noticeable that bubbles are not as much as compared to other shampoo as a confirmation that no harmful foaming agent is present in it.

9. It is not expensive compared to other organic or natural personal care products. (I'm also a dealer, the perks of having discounts is just so favorable for me who has less funds)

10. The smell is Human Nature's Natural Baby Lotion is just mild that suits to my kid's sensitive skin. They are not used to strong fragrances.

11. In some cases, I love the feeling of not to use lotions after taking a bath since my skin has already been moisturized from Human Nature's Kids Natural Shampoo and Baby Wash Tangerine Tarsier.

12. Although Human Nature's Bug Shield Lotion is so strong but the scent is just natural.

13. I can use their Human Nature's Natural Feminine Wash Chamomile Cool daily with confidence that its safe and no compromises from harmful chemicals. 

You can browse on their products at

NOTE: I am not paid to do this post. Contents are based on our experience.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Exploring Modern MOMA: It's Your Fair Day

When modern moms like Gretchen Choa-Uy, Mutya Buensuceso, Christine Dychiao, Amor Maclang and Danessa Onglatco joined forces, the outcome is amazing > "MOMA: Its Your Fair Day" event.
Last Saturday, I got a chance to observed the event hosted by these amazing moms of Cebu. It is a one day fun of yoga class, cooking class and a fashion show as well as showcase of mommy and baby products.
The fair started with a Yoga class which I initially plan to join. But when we (I decide to let my eldest tag along) arrived, the class is somehow halfway with the session instead we just have to watch on it. It was my first time to witness yoga class with kids and I find it unique way to bond with your kids. The session led by Danessa is design to cater the kids so that even toddlers would not get bored. I like the idea letting them join you instead of disturbing you. YogaHub at Banilad Town Center has Yoga for Kids session.
Next treat in store for us is the cooking session with celebrity chef China Cojuangco. It is supposed to start by 11:00AM but they are an hour late. Good thing Stabilo participated in the event, which shares their coloring pens, coloring pencils and crayons to color sample coloring sheets. My eldest tried to occupy herself through Stabilo's stuffs while we are waiting for the demo to start.
For me, I decided to check out MOMA's displayed products -> strollers, adorable shoes, cute baby pillows, feeding products, organic baby foods, beads and bags for mommies and a lot more. For low-income moms like me, MOMA's products are a bit pricey but possibly reasonable considering they do the dirty work to make it readily available for mommies considering that these are not locally available in Cebu market. Honestly, these items are just so adorable that I felt the want to have another baby, at least for awhile. :D
Check their products at Modern Mama Baby Shop which is located at Banilad Town Center.
Starters for the cooking demo conducted by celebrity Chef China Coquangco was the potato croquettes with a twist by adding dried veggies from NuturMe products. But we didn't have a chance to taste it or to finish the show as our tummy starts to grumble for lunch.
We were not able to go back and witness the fashion show as I have to go home to spend my weekend afternoon with my son.

It was fun but the highlight of the day which makes me glad that I went to this fair was the chance to met mommy Pam of Hey Miss Adventures . I am thankful for the Mommy Bloggers Philippines community for this gives me an opportunity to meet new friends and mommies.

NOTE: I am not paid to do this post. Contents are based on my experience.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Help! My daughter ask about sex!

She was 5 years old when she ask me what sex means, I got panic then but thankfully able to resume my composure and asked her where did she read it. Good thing that she read it from an application form where it has a Male and Female option. That was relief for awhile... at least as I was able to explain it to her in reference to gender.

Last weekend, hours after watching this video about baby's life cycle inside mother's womb, my curious daughter asked on how mommies know if there's already a baby is in their tummies. 
I explained the concept of menstruation to my 8 year old daughter ---> you know stuffs like mama has an egg cell living inside her tummy and that this egg cell waits for papa's sperm cell and that if no sperm cell visits the egg cell then this egg cell will grow old and becomes blood and that is why mama has blood visits every month (monthly period). And that if papa's sperm cell will not visit mama's egg cell to form a baby then mama will have her monthly period and if no monthly period that means baby is already in mama's tummy. (Whew! Honestly not sure of my answer here!)
I thought that was end of the story but her follow-up question was a face palm as I don't know what is the best explanation to give for an 8-year old to grasp it. 
"Ma, how will papa's sperm cell gets inside your tummy and meet the egg cell?" she asked.

Its a challenge and I'm up for it but I really hope my kids will learn this sensitive matter first thing from me. 
So I guess I need to do my homework huh!

Any ideas on how to sex educate children appropriate to their age?

By the way, this is the video we watched: 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our simple ways of spending quality time with kids

"Facebook ka ma?" 
My 2 year old son asked me if I'm browsing on Facebook as he think I'm engrossed on my smartphone. It was a weekend afternoon.

As a working mom, I am away from home 12hrs a day, 5 days a week. 20 days a month (still can't afford to be a stay-home-mom, not for now) The husband also works thus, the only time we have with our 8 yr old and 2 yr old is during night time of weekdays and the whole weekend. That is lesser time than they spent with their nanny.

So for us to make up for those lost times, here are our ways on how have quality time with kids and hope build better relationship with them:

Aside from the fact that we don't have a choice :D, sleeping close to my kids makes me feel closer to them and them to me. There is so much hugging and tickling and cuddling when you co-sleep.

Eating Together
At least on one or two meals everyday. Though we seldom eat dinner together, we make sure we are complete in the dining table during breakfast. Eating together is one of the venue to communicate with kids. The chance to ask how are they doing or get to know whats new with them as well as the your chance to tell them how was your day yesterday.

Have a Date
Oh I did not mean to have an expensive date but just have an activity that you and your children can do together as this builds memories moreover strengthen the bond with you and your child. Bike with them, cook / bake with them, jog with them or just dance with them, I assure they'll gonna love it. 

Talk to Your Kids
Children love to ask, they love to ask the same question over and over again. Answer their inquiry or tell a story. As the answer generates new inquiry, have the patience to respond as this will encourage good interaction with the reader and the listener.

Call Them
A simple "hello, how are you? how's school? I love you!" will be appreciated by our children.

I know these may not be enough, but somehow these may contribute the closeness we have with our children. We still continue to pray these kids will grow up to love us, their parents more and more each day.

So back with my son question, this is my reply, "No baby, not Facebook kay mag-selfie ta!" :D ("No baby, I'm not on Facebook coz we're taking a selfie!")

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