Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our simple ways of spending quality time with kids

"Facebook ka ma?" 
My 2 year old son asked me if I'm browsing on Facebook as he think I'm engrossed on my smartphone. It was a weekend afternoon.

As a working mom, I am away from home 12hrs a day, 5 days a week. 20 days a month (still can't afford to be a stay-home-mom, not for now) The husband also works thus, the only time we have with our 8 yr old and 2 yr old is during night time of weekdays and the whole weekend. That is lesser time than they spent with their nanny.

So for us to make up for those lost times, here are our ways on how have quality time with kids and hope build better relationship with them:

Aside from the fact that we don't have a choice :D, sleeping close to my kids makes me feel closer to them and them to me. There is so much hugging and tickling and cuddling when you co-sleep.

Eating Together
At least on one or two meals everyday. Though we seldom eat dinner together, we make sure we are complete in the dining table during breakfast. Eating together is one of the venue to communicate with kids. The chance to ask how are they doing or get to know whats new with them as well as the your chance to tell them how was your day yesterday.

Have a Date
Oh I did not mean to have an expensive date but just have an activity that you and your children can do together as this builds memories moreover strengthen the bond with you and your child. Bike with them, cook / bake with them, jog with them or just dance with them, I assure they'll gonna love it. 

Talk to Your Kids
Children love to ask, they love to ask the same question over and over again. Answer their inquiry or tell a story. As the answer generates new inquiry, have the patience to respond as this will encourage good interaction with the reader and the listener.

Call Them
A simple "hello, how are you? how's school? I love you!" will be appreciated by our children.

I know these may not be enough, but somehow these may contribute the closeness we have with our children. We still continue to pray these kids will grow up to love us, their parents more and more each day.

So back with my son question, this is my reply, "No baby, not Facebook kay mag-selfie ta!" :D ("No baby, I'm not on Facebook coz we're taking a selfie!")
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  1. Nakaka guilty db mommy pag gumagamit tayo ng phone pag uwi ng bahay especially like us, working mom.. MInsan ganyan ako eh, kaya yung 8 month old baby ko tinatangal or kinukuha yung cp ko pag uwi ko kaya nakaka guilty. Now, may rule kami ni hubby na pag nasa kwarto na kami, no Cellphone allowed! All our attentions dapat na kay Rhian.. :)

    1. Sobrang guilty me mommy rackell, I frequently hold my phone even at home just to browse FB or Instagram or watch dowloaded korean tv series and even play games. Even the husband complains. Felt like a bad mom and wife :-(
      Learning from you mommies one step at a time. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Lahat ata ng mommy ang pangarap is to be a WAHM, I'm a WAHM but could not spend enough time with my kids, I have deadlines for fixed rate online job, working per hour in Odesk, hindi pa rin pala :( Now, my wish is maging instant milyonaryo na lang so I could sit back, relax and enjoy all the time with my growing kids, feeling ko madami nako namimiss :(

  2. I'm trying not to touch the phone when we are together - homeschooling or even just for cuddling time. At times, it's hard but I know we can manage this :D

    It's true, we learn as we go along.

  3. It's important to spend time with kids. When they get older they have different interests and don't have as much time to spend with you. I coo-sleep with my youngest and did so for my 2 older children till they were abut 5 yrs old.

  4. i co-sleep with my baby, too but since he's getting very malikot in his sleep, my mom bought him a crib. he sleeps in his crib now, but whenever i am home, he sleeps with me on the bed.. talk about separation anxiety :D

  5. I love that you make deliberate effort to spend time with your children. Co-sleeping was not something I've seen much in lists but you know, that's the best idea in yours. ;)

  6. I agree that it's really important to talk to our kids, especially those in the stage of language development pa. And kids can really understand when we're trying to make time for them.

  7. I also felt guilty that I was away from my son when I was still working. I also did the things you listed above and I'm glad that it helped us stay close even if I was away for hours. You're doing a great job, mommy.

  8. I am also trying to NOT be distracted when I'm interacting with my kids. I look them in the eye and really listen and respond in a way that show I did understand what they say. On weekends, I love taking them places so they could gain new experiences and see new sights. When we are out, I don't use my phone at all.

  9. Your son is so cute.. he already knows what Facebook is:) Glad that you're able to spend quality time with your kids even in the simplest of ways.

  10. I think your child appreciates it that even if you work 5 days a week, you also make sure you spend time with him.

  11. Agree ako sobra sa co-sleeping. It really helps make you closer to your baby. My 7month old baby can't sleep hangga't wala pa ako sa bahay. And I also make sure na lag andito ako or si Tatay nya, kami mag aalaga kay baby at hindi ang yaya. Bitbit namin si baby kahit saan. Mahirap eh. Ayoko naman na maging mas close pa ang anak ko sa yaya or lola nya kesa amin. Thank God naman so far ako padin ang superhero nya. I guess breastfeeding helped alot!