Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Exploring Modern MOMA: It's Your Fair Day

When modern moms like Gretchen Choa-Uy, Mutya Buensuceso, Christine Dychiao, Amor Maclang and Danessa Onglatco joined forces, the outcome is amazing > "MOMA: Its Your Fair Day" event.
Last Saturday, I got a chance to observed the event hosted by these amazing moms of Cebu. It is a one day fun of yoga class, cooking class and a fashion show as well as showcase of mommy and baby products.
The fair started with a Yoga class which I initially plan to join. But when we (I decide to let my eldest tag along) arrived, the class is somehow halfway with the session instead we just have to watch on it. It was my first time to witness yoga class with kids and I find it unique way to bond with your kids. The session led by Danessa is design to cater the kids so that even toddlers would not get bored. I like the idea letting them join you instead of disturbing you. YogaHub at Banilad Town Center has Yoga for Kids session.
Next treat in store for us is the cooking session with celebrity chef China Cojuangco. It is supposed to start by 11:00AM but they are an hour late. Good thing Stabilo participated in the event, which shares their coloring pens, coloring pencils and crayons to color sample coloring sheets. My eldest tried to occupy herself through Stabilo's stuffs while we are waiting for the demo to start.
For me, I decided to check out MOMA's displayed products -> strollers, adorable shoes, cute baby pillows, feeding products, organic baby foods, beads and bags for mommies and a lot more. For low-income moms like me, MOMA's products are a bit pricey but possibly reasonable considering they do the dirty work to make it readily available for mommies considering that these are not locally available in Cebu market. Honestly, these items are just so adorable that I felt the want to have another baby, at least for awhile. :D
Check their products at Modern Mama Baby Shop which is located at Banilad Town Center.
Starters for the cooking demo conducted by celebrity Chef China Coquangco was the potato croquettes with a twist by adding dried veggies from NuturMe products. But we didn't have a chance to taste it or to finish the show as our tummy starts to grumble for lunch.
We were not able to go back and witness the fashion show as I have to go home to spend my weekend afternoon with my son.

It was fun but the highlight of the day which makes me glad that I went to this fair was the chance to met mommy Pam of Hey Miss Adventures . I am thankful for the Mommy Bloggers Philippines community for this gives me an opportunity to meet new friends and mommies.

NOTE: I am not paid to do this post. Contents are based on my experience.
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