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Joining Cebu's Human Pink Ribbon Formation & Zumba Dance with my 3-yr-old buddy

I first received the invitation from Zhean Dei.
World Vision also sent an invitation.
Last invite I got was from my company's clinic staff.

So this event must be definitely big!
Silly me! The need to gather more than 6000 in order to break a world record is of course huge!
But I (we) almost didn't make it. Almost!

I invited the husband with the thought that I would not survive a 30-minute non-stop zumba dance considering I don't regularly exercise. He said yes and he even agreed on bringing the kids with us. The more the merrier!
But because of hubby's other commitments, he and our eldest cannot make it. And while the nannies have their thing (coz its weekend), that leaves me and our 3-yr old son, Jiggy, to join the event with 6000 or more participants in it.
Then comes the weather that day, you know...everything is sunny in the morning then turns very dark and gloomy in the afternoon. Yep! the sky gave me an "its going to rain" look.

Thus, bringing a playful 3-yr o…

Choosing P.A.I.N.S on a messed-up Sunday afternoon

I had a not so good experience on the event I attended last Sunday.  I registered as a participant with the thought that its more fun than being an observer. Also, just the thought of a cooking challenge invitation already gave me a thrill.
I arrived at the venue around 11AM, went straight to the registration booth and give them my name telling them that I already registered thru email (Yes, I am confident that they would know me). However, I was told to register again since they told me that there's no such thing as preregistration thru email. The venue is a bit far from my place and I don't want be a drama queen so I did register again. Besides, I'm ready to cook.
By the time the show starts, I still don't have any idea on what to do as a participant of the cooking challenge so I made an inquiry to the registration staff. I was told not worry since the cook-off participants are already completed. Oh dear! a double blow for me!
Yet, no matter how many…

Show off your moves as we attempt for Cebu's Largest Zumba Class

According to Ms. Lucille Latonio of World Vision, "Zumba Instructors Network of Cebu and Rotary Club of Cebu Fuente together with  World  Vision and ICANSERVE Foundation shall make Cebu proud by attempting to break two (2) Guinness World Records:
- "Largest Zumba Class" ever assembled and;
- "Largest Human Pink Ribbon Formation" in celebration for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
This event will happen on October 18, 2014 at the North Parking Area of SM City Cebu.

Imagine 2 world record attempts in 1 day in 1 venue in 1 city? Why not? And yes I'm so excited!!! 
With your help, together we can make this event happen. We are inviting you to come in your favorite pink shirt and join this meaningful event.

There are registration fees but the proceeds of these world record attempts shall go to rebuilding the classrooms of schools in northern Cebu damaged by super typhoon Yolanda and the programs of ICANSERVE Foundation.

Zumba is a dance fitness program with a combinatio…

Teambuilding at Cebu Westown Lagoon

For the past week, this resort is always in my FB newsfeed as some, if not most people I've known have already visited this place...except me :-(
Well! not until last friday and I am thankful. Because of the department's team building activity, I had a chance to view and get acquainted with the newest local resort destination here in Cebu -> Cebu Westown Lagoon.
If you want to take a dip in pools and doesn't want long travel time just to reach that destination then this place suits you since it is located within the city's vicinity.
The resort has 3 swimming pools:
- A 2ft. deep pool for small kids. Like JPark Island Resort (formerly Imperial Palace WaterPark Resort and Spa), this pool have slides and water splashes which would surely be loved.
- And a 4ft. deep pool for adults. This too has slides, longer crooked slides that young adventurous pips would be delighted to try. It is best not to lie down to avoid being disoriented upon reaching the pool. There is also a poo…