Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joining Cebu's Human Pink Ribbon Formation & Zumba Dance with my 3-yr-old buddy

I first received the invitation from Zhean Dei.
World Vision also sent an invitation.
Last invite I got was from my company's clinic staff.

So this event must be definitely big!
Silly me! The need to gather more than 6000 in order to break a world record is of course huge!
Photo grabbed from People of Cebu
Photo grabbed from Metro Cebu News
But I (we) almost didn't make it. Almost!

I invited the husband with the thought that I would not survive a 30-minute non-stop zumba dance considering I don't regularly exercise. He said yes and he even agreed on bringing the kids with us. The more the merrier!

But because of hubby's other commitments, he and our eldest cannot make it. And while the nannies have their thing (coz its weekend), that leaves me and our 3-yr old son, Jiggy, to join the event with 6000 or more participants in it.
Then comes the weather that day, you know...everything is sunny in the morning then turns very dark and gloomy in the afternoon. Yep! the sky gave me an "its going to rain" look.

Thus, bringing a playful 3-yr old in a big crowd on a rainy afternoon sounds scary, because:
- Tantrums may strike and kids love it when people are watching the act
- Running around or running away from me is expected but too risky for me letting him dart into the crowd. 

I can't take a chance him getting lost.
- Zumba dance under the rain? with our baby? Hmmnn! not an option.

Yet, shortly after our quick afternoon nap, off I go bringing my son with me :D

We arrived at the venue at around 5PM and thankful that the queue towards the entrance was still long (yes, it has not started yet). As we entered, we were given a pink bandana which will be used during the ribbon formation.
 There, I witnessed the crowd! Cebuano's from all walks of life were gathered for a good cause.
To avoid the crowd, we stayed far back from the stage yet closer to the booths for our convenience in case my little buddy asks something like food, water, want to pee or want some breeze. He still runs and hop and jump but its okey, I can manage following him.
When the human pink ribbon formation started, we were asked to squeeze ourselves and stay inside the ribbon outline for 5 minutes to capture the aerial view of the ribbon. Though it fell short of the participants to break the record, the effort of the people to come together in support of breast cancer awareness campaign is beyond compare. 
My little buddy was so cooperative. No complains at all.
For the zumba class, I was able to dance along since the steps are super easy to follow. Everyone was cheerful and lively (makes me wanna do zumba regularly).This time, my little buddy is no longer in the mode as he keeps pushing me, telling me to stop. 
Good thing hubby and our eldest arrived to pick us up so we made our way to the exit. We didn't witness the actual announcement of the result but as I got home, I heard the good news --> Cebu did break the record for having 8,232 participants (excluding us since we did not complete the 30-min requirement).

Congrats Cebu!
Ate catching up the fun :D
Over all I had fun and I'm proud to be part of this awesome activity tagging my 3-yr old son with me. It would have been great if I get to see familiar faces but I chose not to squeeze much ourselves into the crowd.
 And Oh by the way, it did not rain :D
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