Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Choosing P.A.I.N.S on a messed-up Sunday afternoon

I had a not so good experience on the event I attended last Sunday.  I registered as a participant with the thought that its more fun than being an observer. Also, just the thought of a cooking challenge invitation already gave me a thrill.
I arrived at the venue around 11AM, went straight to the registration booth and give them my name telling them that I already registered thru email (Yes, I am confident that they would know me). However, I was told to register again since they told me that there's no such thing as preregistration thru email. The venue is a bit far from my place and I don't want be a drama queen so I did register again. Besides, I'm ready to cook.

By the time the show starts, I still don't have any idea on what to do as a participant of the cooking challenge so I made an inquiry to the registration staff. I was told not worry since the cook-off participants are already completed. Oh dear! a double blow for me!
Yet, no matter how many times I ask the staff about it, the fact remains that the cooking participants were already pre-selected and who am I to make a scene about it.

Instead, I chose P.A.I.N.S.
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Yes, I chose to have a "Positive Attitude In Negative Situation" and with that...
  • I got a chance to talk with Pam of Hey, Miss Adventures!
    --> good thing I have someone to share my frustrations, it made me less likely to explode (and cry for being rejected :D)
  • I got a chance to learn new recipes
    --> good thing this is a cooking event, you learn and get to taste their cooked dish for free
  • I got a chance to go home early and enjoy the rest of the day with my kids.
    --> good thing I'm just an onlooker, I can go home whenever I want.
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  1. Oh my, so sorry to hear about what happened. A lot of bloggers had the same issue with the event. So I guess it was a good thing that I emailed the one who invited me that I couldn't go anymore because Blogapalooza was rescheduled to Oct 11 and I know I would be too tired from the trip to Manila to join the cook-off since my flight back was on the 12th. I would have been so pissed off!
    But good to hear you got to meet Pam! I thought she was going to Blogapalooza too but looks like she changed her plans.

    1. Yeah Jhanis! good thing Pam is there (or walk-out and peg :D). Anyways, I'll charge it up to experience :D

  2. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! Bad PRs are everywhere! Grrrr