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Tales from a Breastfeeding Mom

Here is a post from Baby Elle's mom. 
Sharing how breastfeeding significantly play an important role on her and her baby.
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While I was pregnant with my first (in 5 years of waiting), the thought of feeding my little one with (purely) breastmilk never crossed my mind; not until the need of taking her out from my tummy at 7 months happened. (Though I’m not here to bash moms who formula fed, just want to share the journey :) )

We welcomed our baby @ 2 months early weighing just merely hitting 1 kilo (picture out how itsy bitsy and fragile our baby is). Then our Neonatal Pedia advised us to produce milk for this tiny peanut since this premature can only tolerate her mama’s milk.

With the dilemma we are facing, I scrammed (not literally though) to search on breastfeeding - the whats, whys and how on premature babies. Everyone in the family was clueless, she’s the first preemie from my …

When coughs, colds and fever strikes

For the first 2-weeks of 2015, we were sick.
I got the colds and headache first. My medication was to drink plenty of water, some lozenges for my sore throat and rest. These initial medication didn't work so I took Decolgen 3x a day for 2 consecutive days. Good thing I did, for the headaches are gone yet the colds are still there.

Then 8-yr old daughter has itchiness on the throat with occasional coughing. Not paying attention that these also are signs of cold infection, I just let her have water therapy, rub Vicks on her throat or spray some Kamillosan M and a dose of Vitamin C (5ml a day).

But because we (me and my daughter) didn't treat the infection well, it spread and infected my 3-yr old son. At first there was a sneeze (initially blamed the cold weather) but before the day ends the nose is dripping like water. So I let him take his medicine --> we let him take Gripp Heel (3x a day) and Vitamin C (2.5ml for 2x a day). The following day, I heard him coughing.

By the way,…

Elle, our Warrior Princess

Meet baby Elle.
She is my niece.
She's a preemie.
Born too soon at 30 wks old.
Yep! She's too excited to meet her mom and dad and the rest of the family.
With the prematurity, her lungs are too young too. She was given a pulmonary surfactant to aid her lungs to work on their own and with the help of the hospital oxygen.
She had few bouts with apnea but was able to recover – thanks to all the beeps of the modern monitoring machines (and apnea are no jokes.)
She also developed ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity, you may look up Stevie Wonder) and needs to undergo laser procedure to prevent blindness and take note the whole session was anesthesia-free.
But God is Good! Always!
Not just Good but Super Duper Awesome! Full of mercy and grace.
By His grace and thanks to the love and care of her Pedia (one of the best) and her nurses (ever dependable nurses), she was able to go home after 8 weeks in NICU. They were her great comfort at times when mommy and daddy are not at the hospital.
Fast forwar…

Thank You 2104! Hello 2015!

Happy New Year. 
Yes I am excited on what 2015 would bring to us.
But seems like I am not over with 2014 yet. Yep! Not yet!
But can't also wait for 2015 to unfold too and receive its offers.
So before anything else, we want to say Thank You 2014 for the goodness you have brought to us. It was full of challenges and stress, yet it was full of hope, love and happiness. It was fun.

So here it is, some random photos of our holidays as we celebrate the joys of 2014 and open arms welcome of 2015.
Packed bags Our little boy who's excited to fly Annual family photo Gift-giving Cousins And cousins Newest member of the family Our warrior princess My Lola Fireworks Food And more food

Thank You 2014 and Welcome 2015!