Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

This is one of the topics during our Effective Communications training.
The ever famous verse from Christian Bible during this time of the year or during weddings or on talks marriage and relationship.
I can't help but think of him when I heard these words.
He is someone so dear to me
One who pursues me still when I said no
Willingly waits even if I'm half an hour late
Takes good care of me even if I'm not sick
Sees the bad side of me and yet still accept me as I am
Argues with me yet the first one to say sorry
Taught me the value of using money wisely
Marry me and my whole family
Chose me to be the mom of his children
My nurse when Im' still recovering from caesarian delivery
Sings lullabies for me and for my babies even if he is out of tune
Dance and never mind if he looks odd with his steps
Cracks jokes just to make me and my kids laugh
Taught me more the value of life and family
He is best thing that ever happen to me
He love me more than I love him
I thank God for having him in my life

To you my ever dearest hubby, Happy Valentines Day
Thank You my hubby for loving me that much!
I can't reciprocate all the things you have done to me
That's patience
That's kind
That's love

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Keep the fire burning between you and your sweetie :) -edel

  2. Awww what a sweet message to your husband!


  3. Very sweet and thoughtful. LOVe is truly inspiring, thanks for sharing. -MacySantos

  4. Truly love enables us to endure all things. Beautifully unique poem :-) - Jimble