Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The SunLife Money Bank

Saw this on a friend's timeline
Then me, feeling crafty, asked some samples on it
2 days after, I received this folder (Thanks Jen :D)
And last weekend, I let my daughter assemble it

It's a Sun Life Money Bank

A cute representation on letting kids understand the concept of handling money in three different ways. And though my 8-yr old and 3-yr old doesn't fully understand financial-related matters yet, this may be a good jumpstart for them developing good money habits.
By understanding what is Spending, Saving, Sharing.


 - money box for the day-to-day living expenses such as utility bills, transportation and food. The money you need to be able to get from month to month.


 - money box for either an event like buying a house or car or debt repayment or even your retirement fund or children's education fund.


 - money box for donations to church or charity, entertainment expenses, and vacations with loved ones.

Source: SunLife's Money Bank
This also serves as a reminder for me to realize how simple God's request is:
- love God and be thankful for the blessings he showers on us;
- love yourself and your family and give them the best without being too complex;
- love and share what you have with your neighbor and the community no matter how small it is.
Then surely it would be a wonderful world. 

Its time to get financially educated.
Consult your financial adviser today :D

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  1. This is a great idea of teaching kids the value of money. Thanks for sharing.-Macy Santos

  2. Cute and educational! May I know how can I possibly get these samples too? I don't think they have those here in Cebu.

    1. Hi Rose, good to know that theres another Cebu-based mommy in MBP. Yey!
      Btw, I got the samples from a friend that is connected with SunLife. I'm not sure though if these are free.

  3. It's nice that you can build your own bank. Makes kids feel more attached to it, I think

  4. Very creative and idea nila! Nice. It doesn't just teach the kids to be resourceful but also teaches them the value of saving money.

  5. this is so helpful, my daughter's currently studying this in school :)

  6. Nice! My Mom is connected with SunLife and I should get one of these for my son!