Monday, February 23, 2015

When ​work and field trips are both urgent

Moms would love to participate in field trips.
Field trips are exciting! Getting to visit and explore new places is a lot fun.
A chance to observe kid's behavior with his / her classmates.
Also a chance to meet and get acquainted with other parents.
It would be a lot of chit-chat I suppose.
Moreover, its a bonding opportunity for mom and kid.

But when kid's field trip schedule fall at the same time with an important work schedule,

would be one of mom's worst nightmare! 
One of the predicament working parents face!
That working mom can't be absent since...
- it is a very important meeting with a very important client; or 
- working mom is the presenter of a product demo; or
- a discussion with team to determine if a product needs to be release or not despite issues just uncover; or
- working mom is the facilitator of a product release planning;
or whatever important schedule that hinders mom to join kid's field trip because of work.
I tell you, its so frustrating!

I envy the SAHMs and WAHMs right now!

Even if our 3-year old would understand that papa will join him on his field trip since mama has work, that still saddens me. I blew up the chance of making another happy memories with my kid.

Does some working moms felt it too?
How did you handle it?

It's the dad who accompany our 3-yr old son's field trip.
My sincere Thank You to my dearest hubby who took a leave to accompany son's field trip to the zoo. 

Oh well! at least dad and son are making another memories :D

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  1. My daughter doesn't go to school yet but I know how difficult it is to juggle your time :( I have an officemate kasi na ganyan. :S

  2. That's surely a dilemma! I haven't had that experience yet because my son is not yet schooling, and I also never had that experience as a student mainly because we weren't accompanied by parents when we went on field trips.I'm happy it still worked out for you.

  3. Oh my. I dread the time that this will come. Yung work coincides with your child's school functions. I wish I wouldn't have to choose.

  4. it's okay mommy. at least daddy and baby had some bonding moment.. :)

    1. oo nga mommy, yan na ang consolation ko :)

  5. I hate it when my kids need me and I can't because I have to work. :( I get you. It's good that your hubby was available for them.

  6. Nako, hopefully I won't be in this kind of situation soon. T_T

  7. What a toughhoice, but sometimes we have to do it. There will be next times for sure, so relax and don't be to hard on yourself. It was sweet of daddy to come with her!

  8. It's true! That really is a hard choice but I'm sure your child will understand it and there's still a field trip next year. You can join him then.

  9. That's okay mommy. I'm sure you'll be there the next time :)

  10. Am really lucky and happy that I was able to accompany my daughters in all their field trips! I'm just glad that most of the time, the school will schedule them on a Saturday so there's really no hassle. :)